Saturday, October 29, 2011

sape bagi hang tauliah?

sekarang ni deme (read ubn n its advocates) sibuk mengata semua orang yang tak bertauliah, khususnya di Selangor, tak layak memberi ucapan, ajaran, tazkirah dan pelbagai lagi.

umpama bob lokman ditegah memberi syarahan sebab kata deme dia takde tauliah. kalau gua jadi bob lokman gua mesti tanya pegawai jabatan agama tu sape bagi deme tu tauliah untuk menyatakan gua tak bertauliah. mesti deme kata pengarahnya, jadi gua akan tanya pengarahnya pulak sape bagi dia tauliah untuk menyatakan gua tak bertauliah, mesti pengarah pulak kata sultan bagi. dan gua mesti nak tanya sultan pulak mana dia dapat tauliah untuk bagi tauliah kepada pengarah jabatan agama untuk menyatakan gua tak bertauliah.

agak2 hang sultan nak kata apa?

jawab, yop, jawab..

Friday, October 28, 2011

no god but God

Follow God by Tyler van der Hoeven

tawhid insists that God is One, thus, there can be nothing apart from God.

God is the only being with real existence: the only reality.

for God is al-Awwal, “the First, before whom nothing is created,” and al-Akhir, “the Last, after whom there is nothing.”

God is neither ‘the first cause’, or ‘the prime mover’. God is the only cause, God is movement itself.

adapted from Reza Aslan no god but God

mimpi dan gue - ii

Nostalgia - version 1 by *eSThER* -

mimpi gua saban malam adalah kabur.

tak nampak apa.. tu la pasal. lama dah macam gini..

gua tau gua mimpi, beb, tapi bila gua sedar je, yang gua nampak

adalah gelap dan kabur2 je..

tapi bukan la selamanya mimpi gua macam gitu, gelap tanpa cerite..

ada kala gua mimpi kat mana tempat tah, gua pun tak tau kt mana,

tapi gua rasa familiar sangat2 dengan tempat tu, macam dah biasa

sampai dulu2.. kaum2 yang gua jumpa pun muka diorang macam biasa gua jumpa.

tapi gua pasti dalam kehidupan gua yang current ni, memang gua tak kenal kaum tu..

macam mana, ek?

seolah-olah gua berada dalam satu kehidupan yang lain, zaman yang lain,

tempat dan suasana berbeza, tapi gua rasa biasa je dengan tempat2 dan keadaan tu,

walaupun bila tersedar dari tidur, memang tak leh nak ingat kat mana tempat2 tu..

adakah ini reincarnation? pernahkah dulu gua hidup di zaman tu dengan keadaan tu dengan kaum2 tu, tapi sekarang ni gua terhijab dari masa tu?

mimpi dan gue

Everything and nothing #49 by Lumase

nampak tak?
itu la mimpi gua saban malam..

kabur, dan kabur, dan kabur..

Thursday, October 27, 2011

ku terkoyak, siksa merindumu

aku terkoyak, terkulai.
siksa candu merindu;sendu
jiwa seperti terkuliti perihnya berasa

hati telah kusam
lama tak terjamah,
bahkan kukira sudah mati

sebab rasa kutekan, semakin kuat justru menjerat
inilah siksa dalam nikmat

bagaimana kubisa memaksa melupa

- Penyair Glandangan-

Monday, October 24, 2011

a massacre

The scoreline tells it all.

Yes, Man Utd was humiliated 1-6 by neighbor Man City.

To lose is one thing, to lose at home ground is another thing, but to lose 1-6 at home, to your noisy neighbor, that is a very bitter pill to swallow.

Fortunately I was spared the agony of watching the match. I only found out about it when I saw the result online last night. In theory, since I didn’t watch the game, united defence must have been so pathetic to concede six goals, and at home too, mind you. Fergie’s tactic surely backfired this one time. And I read this morning that it was the worst defeat in his career as a manager.

It will definitely take a lot for the players, coaching staff, fanatic, to overcome this misery.

Anyway, life still goes on..

Thursday, October 20, 2011

bangkai bernyawa

Family Portrait of the Passed iPhone Case

lu, gua, kita semua, kebanyakannya adalah
bangkai-bangkai bernyawa @ mayat-mayat hidup
berada di alam kematian..

ye ke? iye, gua cakap lu..

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Saturday, October 15, 2011

the race day


Managed 7th placing with a personal best of 20minutes 22seconds, better by 20seconds from the previous best. Deep in my heart core, a top 5 placing would have been more satisfying. Nevertheless, I managed to accomplish my top ten target in this year Men’s Open Category for state level. And as a complement, my district won the overall group champion.

Thought of writing earlier this morning while I was still in the state of euphoria but was tied up. The writing would be of a different tune..

Anyway, the first lap I was at 5th position but I ran out of gas and was overtaken by two younger runners. Am I making excuses for the not-so-good position I got? Well, it depends on how you look at things la, okay. Personally, I didn’t have enough practice, which was my mistakes, and age does play a factor here too. But looking on the bright side, after reflecting on the race, it could have been much worse. Now that the race is over, it’s normal to have the ‘ifs’. Guess that is a usual after-effect of something done, kan.. layankan saje.

Now I just feel like dozing off.. is that another after-effect too? : )

Running part 1 by The World According To Marty

Friday, October 14, 2011

mantul lebeh la..

with the assistance of cik li + kak tom + pok nik = 20m 50s for a 4.8km run this morning. peh! slightly slower than Wednesday run of 20m 42s. we just have to wait till tomorrow to see the best of nkchai !

mantul lebeh la.. : ) rastaman by Mauricio MorĂ³n

Thursday, October 13, 2011

the new istana negara @ white elephant


The new Istana Negara @ palace is in the midst of construction. I wonder what will happen to the old one once this new palace is ready. for all you might know, it will be demolished, and the prime land will be acquired by cronies of the ruling party, and tenders as well as contracts will be handed to cronies to build and build, doesn’t matter what they build, as long as the cronies and more importantly, the people with power and connection will make profit out of nothing. That’s my wild guess. We’ve just to wait to see whether what I forecast is true or otherwise.

Anyway, back to my discontentment. why the need to build a new palace, with a cost of over RM800 million, when it will only be used sparingly and occasionally, with nobody living there, when at the same time, the same amount of money can be used to build 11 500 low cost houses costing at approximately RM70 000 each, or 160 schools with the state of the art technology costing at RM5 million per unit? Which in your right frame of mind is more practical? It’s a rhetoric question, so don’t bother to answer, ok.

I don’t see the rationale of having another white elephant, except for making the few chosen ones richer. Sorry if I sound so pessimistic or negative but I just can’t help feeling cheated @ taken for a ride with the ruling party bullshits. I sincerely hope that the masses would be able to distinguish between real developments to pure shit.

Vox Populi Vox Dei!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Assignment

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i can still run..

run run run by The Family Dog


pagi tadi gua pegi test lari, kiranya time trial la, 4.8 km. kelmarin gua dah test jugak, tapi belah petang dan timing dapat bikin 21minit 34saat. pagi tadi kena dengan warm up cukup, cuaca pagi, gua bikin 20 minit 42 saat. peh! kiranya gua boleh la lari lagi, ekk.. tapi penat nya, tuhan je la tau, orang2 tua lari ni.. masuk kilometer ketiga je memang rasa lembik tubuh dah, especially lower body, legs.. larian dua pusingan padang lapangan terbang kat sitiawan. first lap gua bikin 10m 10s, tapi second lap 10m 30s.. penat, beb! tapi puashati la, kan.. syukur.

race sabtu ni dan gua ada petang ni dan esuk lusa tinggal nak training. target gua nak lari sub 20minit, sebab race nanti kategori terbuka dan ramai kaum muda2, umur sekitar late twenties atau early thirties. jadi, kalau nak placing, mesti timing baik. hadiah untuk first ten.. pakcik pulak almost fifty, tapi sendiri mau ingat la, beb! sekarang ni nak fine tuned kan turbo dan nos system, jangan bagi sumbat.. kalau tak hari race nanti mau napas kot pusat, gua cakap lu.. lagi teruk napas kot jubor.. ha! semuga tidak terjadi demikian.. kalau tak, naya, beb!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

udara yang dihirup..


udara yang lu hirup ini bukan semata-mata untuk lu hidup,*

tapi untuk lu hidup*..

*zahir & batin = oxigen & subtle energy


guala! 91011

Friday, October 7, 2011

semalam & hari ni gue


semalam, hari gua bermula dengan larian 5km.. gua lari keliling base dan pagi semalam tu kira kali kedua gua test 5km sebab kononnya minggu depan gua nak masuk race 5km open category untuk kakitangan jabatan pelajaran, peringkat negeri.. (berapa panjang punya ayat, da..)

kalau menang boleh wakil negeri pergi peringkat kebangsaan. 10, 11 tahun lepas memang gua kira champion la kat perak ni sebab tiga tahun berturut2 gua wakil negeri, dan pernah la dapat tempat ke3 peringkat kebangsaan untuk 10k kategori senior. tapi itu dulu, beb.. sekarang gua dah tua, dekat nak setengah abad ni. tua, beb.. (tak lama nak mati dah, ahak..)

memang boleh habis gua lari tapi memang tak cukup fit, gua cakap lu.. average gua 4minit 50saat per kilometer. memang tak ok sangat sebab kalau nak race mesti boleh bikin 4minit 35-40saat je.. tapi takpe, kita practise lagi, tenguk minggu depan amacam.. kalau ok kita masuk bertanding. kalau tak ok, tak payah la nak menyusahkan diri.. nanti muntah tengah2 race, baru padan muka..

budak form three tengah exam pmr ni, jadi lapang la kepala sikit. tinggal nak ngajo form five, itu pun tinggal tak berapa hari lagi dah.. tapi pukul 2 petang semalam meeting lembaga disiplin sekolah memang gua tak tahan. punya la lama, sampai dekat 4steng dah baru nak tamat.. adoyai, tua macam ni.. gua bukan tak suka meeting-meeting ni, (walaupun memang tak suka pun..) tapi kalau sembang dah berjela-jela, mana boleh tahan.. tahun ni je dah 45 meeting gua hadiri walaupun minggu persekolahan baru minggu ke 36. lu bayangkan la, berapa banyak meeting..

selain meeting, yang tak tahan adalah in-house training @ kursus dalaman @ ladap.. disuruhnya cikgu2 ni datang hari sabtu, atau stay back lepas sekolah.. kalau sekali dua takpe la, ni sampai 6-7 kali.. adoyai, ingat kitorang ni takde life ke? nak suruh buat kejaan bengong tu sampai bila? sampai keras? banyak akai betul deme yang memandai keluarkan arahan bangang ni..

hari ni @ petang tadi najib bentangkan belanjawan.. ingatkan ada la pelarasan gaji ke, rupanya suruh masuk skim baru, kena keje sampai 60 tahun, baru dapat pelarasan yang tak seberapa tu kenaikan gajinya.. bagi bonus je, itupun setengah bulan gaji.. sembang berdegar2, tapi haram.. gua hakikatnya bukan kisah pun, tapi jangan la sembang deraih dengan menjanjikan bulan dan bintang dan matahari dan segala2nya.. personally, tadi tu adalah belanjawan ngencing rakyat @ gula2 atau ceklat 20kupang je.. cite macam nak bagi ferrero rocher sebalang tapi dapat ceklat hacks 2 biji je.. apa barang, beb..

dan gua dah penat tenguk mayat2 hidup @ bangkai2 bernyawa bertengkar menegakkan hujah masing2 dalam senario politik yang tak matang ni.. kalau ikut gua, tak payah la bersusah payah masuk pilihanraya kalau asyik kena kencing je.. dah berkali2 kena kencing pun masih nak bertanding lawan Barang Naik.. mesti kena main punya la.. sebaiknya revolusi je kalau tak puashati.. nyembang dengan puak munafiqun ni tak berkesudahan.. dan takkan menang sebab padang bola tak pernah rata, dan referee pun berat sebelah.. pastu?

cukup la sekadar ni dulu.. macam2 ada di benak ni tapi some things are better kept to myself.. cakap banyak2 pun nanti oghe benci.. iyekan saje..


Dandang Gula

kurindukan hidupku yang dahulu kala

ketika aku masih suci tiada terkira

ketika aku belum kenal arah dan tempat

tak tahu hitam putih hijau biru jingga dan kuning pun tiada sempat

bilakah aku ‘kan kembali pada hidupku yang dulu

lahir di alam kematian ini penuh kesusahan

lantaran qalbu memuat sifat baru

bait 52

Thursday, October 6, 2011

wajah tuhan?

engkau tuhan aku tuhan

diorang tuhan kitorang tuhan

batu tuhan kayu tuhan

bintang tuhan bulan tuhan

senang cite seme tuhan

kerna yang ada

hanya tuhan..

engkau aku diorang kitorang

batu kayu bintang bulan

sebenarnya takde

yang ada hanya nama

dan namapun tiada

kerna diadakan..

hanya ada satu kebenaran

hanya ada satu kenyataan

hanya ada satu keberadaan

apa yang menjadi ada

hanya menunjuk wajah-Nya..

6 oktober 2011

everything to me by hannah henrie

neraka dan syurga


Mengapa manusia takut kepada neraka? Bukankah neraka sendiri hanyalah sebentuk makhluk ciptaan Tuhan? Tuhan meniupkan ruh dari Nya ke dalam diri manusia agar manusia boleh menjadi khalifah Nya di dunia ini. Dengan demikian, jelas neraka bukanlah tempat bagi manusia yang sudah mengenal ruh dari Nya yang ada di dalam dirinya. Manusia yang demikian tidaklah sama dengan barang yang baru. Neraka hanyalah tempat buangan sampah. jadi, hanya manusia sampah yang bakal menempati neraka. manusia yang berbekal iman tauhid tak akan ada di neraka.

Mengapa manusia terpikat dengan syurga? Bukankah syurga sendiri hanyalah barang ciptaan yang diberikan oleh Tuhan sebagai hadiah? Bila hadiah itu diperebutkan maka sebenarnya kita hanyalah manusia pejudi.

Manusia ditiupi ruh dari Nya agar bisa kembali kepada Dia dengan rida dan diridai oleh Dia.

Achmad Chodjim

Monday, October 3, 2011

a thot

We are Human beings, created in the Image of the Lord God Almighty, who is Omnipotent, Omnipresent & Omniscient....

HE is the creator of the Heavens and the Earth, everything in between & beyond, from the Microscopic to the Cosmic, the seen & the unseen, the Known & the unknown....

HE is the ALPHA & the Omega....He has no beginning & No end....HE is Infinite.....

Our bodies are finite.... subject to time....but NOT our Spirits....

our Spirits are eternal...only loaned to this body of our for a period of time....after that it goes back to its Creator.....

Please do not try to "box" GOD is already written..."My ways are NOT your ways...." says the Lord....

what puny minds such as ours to claim this or that way is the right way...typical of man's arrogance....

be humble before your Creator, whoever you perceive HIM to be...Love one another whom you see everyday....and then perhaps you may learn to LOVE GOD whom you don't see.....

simon templer


Bali Accommodation