Friday, December 30, 2016


Transcendence lies in paintings, sunsets, clouds, trees – not in holy books or holy men.

-if the oceans were ink -

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

missing u

what do I do
when I miss u?
don’t u know
that I miss u?
maybe you do
maybe you don’t
maybe you don’t care

I long to hear from you
to talk to you
to see you
I guess u know it too
but hmmm

I miss you a little,
a little too much,
a little too often,
it hurts,
so bad..

perhaps I should stop
talking to you
so that I‘ll know
whether u’ll miss me too

I cannot undo this feeling
and tears are falling

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

yellow submarine

new toy

my new toy..actually it's for my children coz my wife insisted that i get one for them.. senang nk pegi kedai kononnya.. but all of them, except for nia, are staying in hostels. bila la sangat nk bawaknya, kan.. 
jadi, guala! pun test la hari ni gi skool ada meeting pagi td..
layan.... oh, BTS tu blood, tears, and sweat that i have sacrificed, tau! haha not only to get this secondhand kapcai , but for everything la, simply put..

celik pejam

hidup di dunya
adalah putaran
celik pejam
celik pejam
celik pejam
dan akhirnya
terus pejam..


Sunday, December 25, 2016

if she likes you..

-If She Likes You-

if she likes you
you can tell..

by the look in her eyes
by the glow on her face
by the tone of her voice
by the soothing words she says
by the lil things she does to make you smile

and if she really likes you
perhaps once in a while
she tells you that she loves you

-nkc- dec ‘16

Friday, December 23, 2016

yeah yeah yeah !!

the candle

I’m the candle
that burns only for u

to glow u happiness
to shine u out of sadness
to light up your days

but I’m just a candle
that’s withering n wilting away
burning and burning
to death

-kutu- 1122 am

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

trip to Korea

last week, my wife and I had the chance to embark on a trip to Korea. well, not really a chance coz we paid for the trip, okay!! haha
it was a group trip, and except for my wife, I knew nobody in the group. but later, we became friends.

on 11th December at approximately 1 am we boarded the AirAsia flight to Incheon Airport from Klia2. the flight took six hours and twenty minutes. like previously, I found difficulty to sleep. only around 2am I managed to doze off. but an hour later, stewardesses came and asked for our boarding pass. they wanted to serve us nasi lemak. can you imagine? having nasi lemak at 3 in the morning! I would have eaten up everything if it were to be served immediately after we were seated, or, if this were to be somewhere at the mamak’s stall perhaps 10 years ago, yours truly would definitely obliged. but not to waste the food, I took a few spoonful and that’s it. I would rather catch up on my sleep than to be a zombie come morning, kan.. hehe

we touched down at 820 am Korean time. after stretching our limbs and getting through the immigration and getting our luggage, we boarded the bus. before that, I walked out of the airport to catch a quick puff, and, wow! it was freezing cold!  the temperature was -3c then and was dropping with each passing day. understood, coz it was the beginning of winter. the bus took us to Nami Island but we stopped along the way for lunch. Lunch, Korean style, was served hot, kimchi was certain to be on the menu, plus ikan mackerel bako, and assorted Korean dishes. being hungry, coz we missed breakfast, we savored our lunch. nothing was left behind hahaha..
korean cuisine
nami island
Nami was really beautiful and picturesque. and i took a lot of pics.on the average, I took 100 pics per day. even the book café located there was awesome. after spending three hours there, we left for our hotel. what a relief. we stopped again at another restaurant for dinner. Delpino Resort, the place to sleep for the night, was a well-maintaned apartment. it looked like a one-room flat, cozy living, kitchen utensils available, and it even had heat-provided wooden floor. we slept soundly. guess we were tired from the journey and excitement.

the next day, we checked out after breakfast, and after snapping loads of photos. our next destination? Mount Seorak. but before that, we stopped at Teddy Bear Museum which was located nearby. the dolls had faces of bears, I would say so, but they were incredible, in the sense that they looked charming. and to make things better, some of the dolls were alive. animated and moving to the sound of music. should have brought home a gigantic bear for nia.. hehe

at 10.30, we reached the foot of Mt Seorak. we took a cable car up the hill, and continued up on foot. the view from the top was magnificent. everywhere was covered with snow. it felt so good, so satisfying to be there. before going down, I had an icecream. sejuk-sejuk lagi mau makan aiskrim, haa! layan..

it was lunch time, and we did our prayer, before heading to  vivaldi park,the ski resort. it was quite a long journey, and once we reached there, we rented clothes and ski equipment. we sent our bags to our apartment and straight away headed for the ski slopes. it was at 9pm but the place was so bright with all the spotlights around. I took the opportunity to try skiing. emm, it’s not that difficult actually but I would need a couple of days to get the hang out of it. after spending time skiing and building snowman for the children, it was time to rest.

the third day, we headed to everland but before that we went to a strawberry farm, tried making kimchis, put on Korean traditional clothing hambok, after lunch, it was time for Everland. Everland was a land of joy, full of exotic stuffs and a day would not be enough to cover everything. but we just made do with the time allocated. we covered the safari ride, where animals such as bears, white tigers, lions were right by our van. the bears even came near our van coz the driver gave them food. mind you, this is not the bear you find back home, okay, but these were 8 footer bears, the grizzly type. the looked on their faces were so adorable and I wished I could have one as a pet. in your dream.. : )
roller coaster giler!!
after solat, I jokingly told my wife to go with me for a ride on the roller coaster. but what do you know? she said she was willing. the roller coaster track was enormous, with killer corners and uphills and downhills to stop your heart beat. but there we were, queuing up for our turn. when our turn came, we took our seats, and acting bravely, kept a positive mind for the outcome. PEEEHHHH ! the ride was the furthest, the scariest, the most awesome one I ever had. well, comparing this to the one at Genting haha. but it was really a mix of scare and fun. adrenaline was pumping so fast and if the ride were to exceed five minutes, I think my heart would stop.. lucky me, after a couple of minutes, the ride came to an end. thank God. phew!

we then took photos of everywhere, and by 7, we were so stretched and tired, and headed for Seoul. and as usual, we had dinner along the way, but this time at a Siamese restaurant. we had thai’s dishes, which were quite familiar for our tastebud. before reaching our hotel, we stopped at Dutta to do our shopping. the prices of the items were reasonably cheap, but since our currency is lagging behind so much compared to Korean won, it burnt a hole in my pocket. I spent quite a fortune there, emm, half of the money I brought for this trip. but we only got t-shirts, keychains, fridge magnets, some exclusive stuffs for my mum and my wife, children, siblings relatives and friends. upon reaching capital hotel, we gladly checked into our room.
the next day, Wednesday,we had breakfast at Bombay Grill, went for a short tour of the palace, stopped at Ginwel, an outlet selling ginseng product and headed for lunch. and out of the blue, snow fell down from heaven. peh! though the snow was so tiny, it was a moment to remember. and all day long it was snowing.  after lunch at Taj Palace and solat at Itaewon Mosque, we went to Namsan Tower. the place was brimming with people: families, couples, lovers. I bought a heart-shaped pendant and wrote the names of me and my wife and all my children. it was immortalized there along with hundreds of thousands of other keychains and pendants.

after that we went to the famous shopping place in Seoul, Namdaemun
layan octopus kt namdaemun
Market and Myeongdong Shopping Street. since we did not have much money left, we didn’t really buy anytning except some caps for the children, but my wife still got herself a pandorra bangle. I ate an octopus roll at one of the foodstalls there. well, I had dreamt of doing so after watching boys over flower where jun pyo gobbled a few sticks of these kinds of food.. it was so big, so delicious that I was tempted to go for a second helping. but I didn’t haha..

at Myeongdong, we took photos, help ourselves to some free stuffs given away by store assistants. it was tiring but exciting to find myself here. after dinner, we went back to the hotel for a well-deserved rest.

finally it was the last day. after packing our stuffs, we checked out from the hotel, went to taj palace again for breakfast, and on the way to the airport, stopped by at Redpine and Jeil Amethyst. Redpine was selling health product, using the extract taken from the redpine flowers. I was interested but it was so expensive. but the irony happened when we got to Jeil amethyst. my wife saw a ring, with a lotus-like purple amethyst stone. she loved the ring but it was expensive and she was unsure but I told her, ‘bila lagi, kn?’so she got it, just like that. haha..
book cafe

and after that it was straight to the airport. we checked in our luggage and got cleared by the immigration and security. I found we had two hours to spare so we went to a musolla to pray and lepak at the seats nearby to eat our lunch which was kebab. our flight was delayed for 45 minutes but I was thankful everything went well after that. it was dawn the next day when we reached home sweet home.
in a way, I was thankful to be home to see my children and to be where I would be comfortable the most. but I guess I would surely miss korea too, the cold weather, the highlands, the Korean cuisine, the cleanliness of the places we visited and the warmth of the locals.

Dear Allah, thanks for this pleasure. Alhamdulillah.

Monday, December 19, 2016


you left me

tinge with sadness
and emptiness


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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Ujang: Kartunis lobih bahayo daghi peghompak?

Ujang menulis: "Potang semalam kawan den Zunar kono tangkap laie..... Kini di Malaysia profession kartunis dah jadi lobih bahayo daghi peghompakhasil negagho (Petang semalam kawan saya kena tangkap lagi. Kini di Malaysia profesyen kartunis sudah jadi lebih berbahaya daripada perompak hasil negara)."

"Kok salah, fitnah, boleh la dakwa. Tapi kok main seghobu-seghobu ikut suko...itu tak demokratik la (Kalau salah, fitnah, bolehlah dakwa. Tapi hanya serbu ikut suka, itu tidak demokratiklah)," katanya.

hari ni gue

assalamualaikum wbh

hari ni gue:
objektif tercapai, beb.. sebab?

budget pas subuh bila hari cerah je nak cargas dh..
lepas pkena roti sekeping & nescafe, 715 pagi terus siram pokok bunga. tidak la banyak, tapi yang disiram dalam pasu je lbh krg 40, pastu kt tanah lg dan dalam polibag gitu gini.. senang kira 60 pokok jgk la..
siap je tu sambung nyapu keliling rumah: sapu daun pokok cempaka, rambutan, mempelam. kuini, mata kucing dan nangka.
pukul 9 breakfast dgn anak2 dan istri gue.. 930 sambung balik, tapi kali ni tanam pokok pulak dah.. mula2 replant pokok petai, pastu tanam mengkudu tiga pokok, celah2 tu membako debris dan daun kering, last sekali replant nanas sebanyak 24 pokok. kiranya pukul 11steng baru la settle seme. penat, beb, tapi alhamdulillah syukur sangat sbb diberi rezki kudrat oleh Nya untuk berbudi pada tanah ni..

pas lunch n solat, bawak bertenang sambil2 tonton rerun boys over flower, hehe..
pas asar cargas, buang sampah, hantar tong ikan kt pelantar joi, dan terus bawak arief dan nia ke tanjung kepah.. naik ranger, jadi deme berdua berdiri kt belakang lee, nk layan open air..

tanjung kepah..


ni dh malam, dh solat berjemaah tadi dgn diorang, how can i not be thankful to Him for bestowing upon me endless gifts and love? Ya Allah, syukur ku pada Mu tiada terucap.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

loved ones

Thursday, December 8, 2016

b thankful

b thankful for every lil thing that comes your way..

kn..  insyaAllah

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

and i asked God

and I asked God
why did I feel like this towards her  
and He said   
U have known her soul before u know her
does she know this too
No she doesn’t
not yet
but soon she’ll realize
the chemistry
the bond
the feeling
is real                           
is pure
is sacred



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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

to b hurt

in so many ways I showed
I liked u
in the best possible way
I could
but I guess it wasn’t enough
for u to like me
like u should

u never liked me
did u?
not that u hated me
but u never liked me
like I liked u
and that

a lot

nkc   11pm  30th nov 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016

saturday the 26th nov

Saturday the 26th November. the first day of the long awaited holiday.. : )

lisa came back on Thursday, arief after Friday prayer, and abil reached home before dawn earlier today. iliya was at the end of her one week break, and would go back to her campus the next day. and today was the only day available for me to spend time with everyone around.
the morning started with the usual trip to pekan sabtu at bt 10. bought groceries, two kilos of  ikan keli, breakfast for the children: pecal mee,  n roti sausage, and a quick breakfast of nasi lemak for me n roti canai telur + cabai burung for my missus, and straight away headed home. I was supposed to go to batu kurau to fetch dayah and farah, my krs students, who went there for ujian kenaikan pangkat. at around 10.30, left home, and two hours later, I was already there. both of them, dayah and farah, were promoted to pegawai waran II. congrats!! I was so happy for them. not wasting anytime, I sent the students home, and by 4pm, was thankful to be back again. it was quite a distance, 130km per direction, and with the traffic, took me almost half a day to go and come back. peh !!

after asar, washed the odyssey and told the children to get ready for the family outing. place to go? Aeon. haha! well, it’s the best place to go, I guess, for the whole family. the children loved to be there, and yours truly obliged.
bought for everyone something. and the some things were shoes for my wife, lisa and arief. iliya and lisa got themselves a jacket sort of. bought socks for abil, and at popular, everyone, except iliya and my missus, helped themselves to a book each. oh, nia got two books actually, and lisa bought an exo cd for herself. later, before leaving bought earphones and phone cases for arief and lisa.
habis duit pakcik, haha, tapi apedehal, kan, for my loved ones, after all.. lagipun, bila lg. x gitu..

after solat isya, we went to station 59, a posh restaurant serving tepanyaki and western food. we actually wanted to go to either contract café or kopee paste for dinner coz those places offer tasty cooking at a reasonable price, but both were packed. nevertheless station 59 cuisines were superb, I tell ya.. though we had to wait half an hour for our meals to be served, it was worth the waiting. the owner was a young malay guy and he was also the chef. I complimented him for the job well done before leaving.

at half past ten, we were home. had ice cream with the children, and after eleven. I was ready to call it a day. I was so tired, but so delighted that I managed to be with my family again. yeah, I spent quite a bit tonite but I was glad. I could never be happier actually. the joy to see my loved ones happy, brimming with smiles on their faces is priceless. sharing laughter and stories and unspoken love.

hoping for another moment like this. insyaAllah.

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