Wednesday, November 30, 2016

to b hurt

in so many ways I showed
I liked u
in the best possible way
I could
but I guess it wasn’t enough
for u to like me
like u should

u never liked me
did u?
not that u hated me
but u never liked me
like I liked u
and that

a lot

nkc   11pm  30th nov 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016

saturday the 26th nov

Saturday the 26th November. the first day of the long awaited holiday.. : )

lisa came back on Thursday, arief after Friday prayer, and abil reached home before dawn earlier today. iliya was at the end of her one week break, and would go back to her campus the next day. and today was the only day available for me to spend time with everyone around.
the morning started with the usual trip to pekan sabtu at bt 10. bought groceries, two kilos of  ikan keli, breakfast for the children: pecal mee,  n roti sausage, and a quick breakfast of nasi lemak for me n roti canai telur + cabai burung for my missus, and straight away headed home. I was supposed to go to batu kurau to fetch dayah and farah, my krs students, who went there for ujian kenaikan pangkat. at around 10.30, left home, and two hours later, I was already there. both of them, dayah and farah, were promoted to pegawai waran II. congrats!! I was so happy for them. not wasting anytime, I sent the students home, and by 4pm, was thankful to be back again. it was quite a distance, 130km per direction, and with the traffic, took me almost half a day to go and come back. peh !!

after asar, washed the odyssey and told the children to get ready for the family outing. place to go? Aeon. haha! well, it’s the best place to go, I guess, for the whole family. the children loved to be there, and yours truly obliged.
bought for everyone something. and the some things were shoes for my wife, lisa and arief. iliya and lisa got themselves a jacket sort of. bought socks for abil, and at popular, everyone, except iliya and my missus, helped themselves to a book each. oh, nia got two books actually, and lisa bought an exo cd for herself. later, before leaving bought earphones and phone cases for arief and lisa.
habis duit pakcik, haha, tapi apedehal, kan, for my loved ones, after all.. lagipun, bila lg. x gitu..

after solat isya, we went to station 59, a posh restaurant serving tepanyaki and western food. we actually wanted to go to either contract cafĂ© or kopee paste for dinner coz those places offer tasty cooking at a reasonable price, but both were packed. nevertheless station 59 cuisines were superb, I tell ya.. though we had to wait half an hour for our meals to be served, it was worth the waiting. the owner was a young malay guy and he was also the chef. I complimented him for the job well done before leaving.

at half past ten, we were home. had ice cream with the children, and after eleven. I was ready to call it a day. I was so tired, but so delighted that I managed to be with my family again. yeah, I spent quite a bit tonite but I was glad. I could never be happier actually. the joy to see my loved ones happy, brimming with smiles on their faces is priceless. sharing laughter and stories and unspoken love.

hoping for another moment like this. insyaAllah.

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Saturday, November 19, 2016

life: a dream

life is just a dream..

Bersih 5

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sepupu Mau Ken Cing

just like that..

u know what i wanted..

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

at the corridor..

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- At d corridor -

You! In front of me,
But not seeing me.
I wonder what do you see?

~ nkc haiku ~ 11.33 am

empty seat

-Empty Seat-

Waiting for u guys

To fill up d seat

But d time goes by

And again we couldn't meet

With kit-kats to share

Because I care

But everything was in vain

U guys never came

It's ok

I tell me

There 'll b other day

For u n me to b we


~ nkc ~ 11.11 am

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

am i

Monday, November 7, 2016

change the government..

looking at how things are going around the country, it's high time for the Bn to go. they have no where to hide, thus the entrance of the infamous baju merah @ bunch of assholes goonies, creating one issue after another, policing the country, dictating the law of what can and can't be done by the people, threatening and victimizing the innocence, just for the sake of a corrupt government.
the day will come.
it will, surely..

Friday, November 4, 2016

the seeker

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