Thursday, January 31, 2013

udah akhir januari

Time flies. 
Like a jet plane.
 I'm Leavin' On A Jet Plane E4 1 x 2 by Michael A Tipton
Iyee, I tell ya! @ gua cakap lu..
That’s how I feel.
Ye la, today is already the end of January.
It was only yesterdays I was enjoying myself in the school holiday..
Holidays.. things to do, places to go, at my own wimps and fancies..
Seronok sekali.. hiding behind a mask by its.catii

I feel really really blessed.
Tuhan testing me with all the fortunes of life.
A place to call home.
Lovely wife and beautiful children.
Cars, truck, and bikes.
Kebun sikit sana sikit sini.
And now projek ike’ pulok dah..
insyaAllah harvest sulung will come soon.
And day after tomorrow, terapi ion pulok..
Testing the market, fulfilling the ambitions and needs..
He says that we need to strive, strive hard to gain our fortunes..
So what does that make me?
Soldier of fortune lee.. ahak! 
Soldier Of Fortune!  or at least bronze..... by gaijin4life

But of utmost importance,
Being with Him,
Remembering Him,
Leaning to Him,
After all the hard work has been done..
So that the heart never claims and boasts
The achievements,
The heart never complains and sighs 
The failures,
The heart opens up to receive
His ultimatum,
And so be it.. 

Adek cakap, dengo je depa nak cakap apa. Kita tak payah hasut orang lain ikut kite..
Gua punya faham, iyekan je apa diorang kata, pastu ikut gua la! nk buat giler ke apa ke,
Janji tak kacau orang, tak nyusah orang..
Tak gitu?!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Guala! was there!  : )

...along with hundred over thousands of malaysian from all walk of life. malay chinese indian pribumi soaking up the event.. it was a carnival-like atmosphere, businesses such as drink and food were having brisk business like never seen before.. t-shirts, badges, blow horns, flags, were hot stuffs too..
and i guess the pro ubn media will say tomorrow that only 40-50k turned up.. police managed to control the demonstrators, bla, bla, bla...

the fact is, if the police were to managed the crowd and the traffic like what they did this afternoon, chaos will never reign. but knowing ubn, they never have anything good to say about people who don't kow-tow with their policy and beliefs..

i met personally people like ambiga, haris ibrahim from people's parliament, aruchelvam of psm, ronasina the cartoonist and blogger, lutfi osman the columnist, and load of others too.. hakam and pop were there too, selling keychains with nik aziz pic on them..

anyway, it was a day of reckoning, merriment, trouble free, except maybe for the litter left behind. hope they (read: the organiser) had thought about it.

history in the making....

Monday, January 7, 2013

hati terasa kosong..

                Kadangkala hati itu perlu kosong sebelum dapat diisi dengan rahmat Allah. Berbahagialah kepada mereka yang hati terasa kosong, karena Allah sedang membersihkan hatimu.

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