Friday, November 30, 2012

the school holiday. so far la..

It’s already the third week of the school holiday, bro.. layan..

The 1st week, right after the holiday started, I was down with flu. But it didn’t stop me from going over to Tirasa’s place for deepavali thosai.. meriah, beb, pkena thosai dengan kari kambing.. wednesday took arief for berkhatan. the Friday that followed, I was well enough to drive home to pj. Had to go back coz there was a Yasin’s family Gathering. By the way, Yasin was my grandfather on my mum’s side. He had five wives, so I guess you could imagine the number of descendants, right.. anyway, more than 200 people attended the gathering on the faithful Saturday, even though at the last count, it was mentioned that there are over a thousand of this Yasin’s family living all over Malaysia, and overseas. I did enjoy the company although most faces were strangers initially.
The previous afternoon, after a long delay, took the family to Putrajaya. It was made possible because Hakam led the way.. if i were to drive alone, most probably we would be lost..  somebody once mentioned to me that Putrajaya was similar to New York, in the layout and systematic planning. Must be ida, I think.. and true to that statement, I found Putrajaya to be just that. The wide roads, rows of buildings, the lake, the view, everything was just amazing. masjid besi was incredible.  Hopefully my missus had enjoyed the brief tour. 
                                              During the 2nd week, went to school once to send sports equipment. This time around I ordered table-tennis set, mini goalposts, and few other stuffs. On Thursday, went to kebun Jawang in Kuala for membaja session. Driving the CDL @ Land Rover took me two hours for a one-way trip. Tiring but it provided me space to wonder and ponder.. Saturday and Sunday were full of wedding receptions to attend.. Zaman anak murid kawin je sekarang.. nak ngatakan diri ni dah tua, beb..

This being the 3rd week, on Monday went to kebun Kg Gajah with missus for membaja session . part of the kebun was still submerged in water.  Jadi, tak siap la membaja nya.. Iye kan saje.. keje Dia belaka.. Tuesday, took everybody for a trip to Penang. It was a last minute plan, actually.  We left home at half past ten and by two, we were already at the foot of Penang Hill. Here we come, Bukit Bendera! The ride up the hill was a fast one, especially after the upgrading of the tram and the station. Had oblong burger as alas perut.. we visited the Owl Museum, which to me, a must visit for those on the hill. The paintings, miniature, mirror frame, rings, earrings, necklace, everything had owl as its motif. And they were spectacularly beautiful. It’s not an overstatement, okay..  
iliya at owl museum 
We stayed at Bayview Beach resort Feringgi. Its lobby, pools, space, rooms, and especially breakfast, were fantastic. That night we went to Gurney Drive for dinner. Terkenang the last time we had dinner here was the night my missus had her labour pain, and Abil was born the following morning at Adventist.. that was thirteen years ago, daa..
pasembuq calling!
We had pasembur and sotong bakar, but the kids had nasi ayam je.. jalan jauh2 makan nasi ayam je.. apa barang, beb.. the pasembur my missus ordered was filled with assorted ingredients, which in actuality, was more a rojak than a pasembur. But the interesting part was when the mamak danced and sang to the hindi song played, while slicing and preparing the food.. after dinner, stopped at feringgi pasar malam which stretched almost 2 kilometers. The stuffs offered were very tempting, and after bargaining, I spent quite a fortune jugak la.. tapi yang penting, everyone was having a great time..
The next morning, went for a swim in the pool with peoih. Yes, peoih and family came here too. Had a spliff before the swim, which numb the coldness of the early morning breeze.. breakfast was fantastic because it had an offering of everything: malay, western, Chinese, Indian dishes. And everything was in abundance. I alone had a taste of nasi lemak, canai, pancake, sausages, sliced grilled chicken, a bowl of oat, washed down with pineapple juice and rich black coffee..  at noon when we checked out, we turned right and headed to Balik Pulau. 
The scenery was majestic from the hilltop, passing by the dam, and miles and miles of durian orchards, stopping for the famous durian balik pulau at the first seller available, and even had a glass of air bukit which the Chinese guy who manned the stall confessed was the only water he had drunk all throughout his life. Pure, cool and refreshing..
depan pusat bahasa, tempat poya satu ketika dulu..
Then it was back to memory lane once again. Drove around usm: desa harapan, pusat bahasa, canselori, padang kawat depan desa indah, padang minden where I thought of having the famous cucoq that I frequented a lot last time at Red House, but sadly, it was closed. Lastly we stopped at muzium usm. The kids enjoyed themselves very much there.. by 330 pm headed home. Bought durian at Changkat Ibol, the same one we had the previous day on to the way to Penang.
sepupu jack sparrow
The next morning, membaja at kebun mandah with Satar’s help. At 4pm then, released the baby fishes into the cages. It was an exciting moment for me because this was the start of my ikan sangkar adventure. 
baby tilapia gue!
Hopefully everything will turn out well, insyaAllah. A new acquaintance, haji awaluddin, whom I befriended a couple of hours earlier, gave me a sack of durian and rambutan. Peh! Terbaek.. I finally arrived home slightly after maghrib. It was a long and tiring day, but very satisfying.
This morning, went to kebun sg tiram. Unlike the other kebuns which had sawit,  sg tiram had kelapa pandan..
And now, today, tonight, is the end of November. Time flies for those who are engrossed.
I personally am enjoying my holiday so much so, that I wish the holiday can be extended further, since there are only 4 weeks left. Wishful thinking, kan..
For now, enjoy the moments..

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sunday, November 25, 2012

ombak lalu

Smuga ombak masa lalu ku
       Tidak menjadi gelombang hari depan ku..

Rushing Wave by -yury-

Saturday, November 24, 2012

gua cakap kt guala!

gua cakap kt guala!

Friday, November 23, 2012

playing dumb..

Simply outrageous!
AES camera costing 5k to 6k US dollar each requires training for operating it.
Cost of training?
60k US dollar.
Sheer stupidity!
It’s either the minister in charge is plain stupid,
This is ignorance at its best..
some people say it's a scam. not really about educating, or protecting the lives of drivers and passengers, but merely a way to make profit.
judge for yourself..

Sigh.. Malaysia Boleh! (kena kencing!)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

achik sunat

 arief akbar khan @ achik sunat dh pagi td..
saja la bgtau..

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

God is Love

Be a person full of love.
Stay simple yet happy.
When things go wrong,
Don’t go blue,
Just pray and say,
‘I will get through’..
And always remember,
God Loves You..
god is love by *jezzy*

cara2 mengingati orang tersayang..

Kalau anda bijak,
Cuba teka,
Macam mana nak ingat orang yang tersayang?
 5 saat dari sekarang..





Jawapannya ialah~

Pakailah topi keledar,
Dan “ ingatlah orang tersayang..”

: )

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Akan kupintal buih-buih
menjadi tali mengikatmu

Akan kuanyam gelombang-gelombang
menjadi hamparan ranjang tidurmu

Akan kutenun awan-gemawan
menjadi selendang menudungi rambutmu

Akan kujahit bayu gunung
menjadi baju pakaian malammu

Akan kupetik bintang timur
menjadi kerongsang menyinari dadamu

Akan kujolok bulan gerhana
menjadi lampu menyuluhi rindu

Akan kurebahkan matari
menjadi laut malammu
menghirup sakar madumu

hitunglah mimpi
yang membunuh realiti
dengan syurga ilusi. 

usman awang

salam maal hijrah 1434

Monday, November 12, 2012

one step at a time

One step at a time.


And whoever relies upon Allah - then He is sufficient for him.}
Quran(65,3) الطلاق - الآية 3

muslim mukmin muhsin

Muslim adalah manusia yang tahu dirinya hamba.
Mukmin adalah manusia yang patuh segala perintah.
Muhsin adalah manusia yang melihat tuhan di mana-mana.


Dengarkanlah doa jiwa yang jatuh bergemericik,
dengarkanlah doa doa yang malam ini turun bersama gemericik hujan,
tenteramkanlah jiwa yang menyebut namaMu ya Rahman ya Rahim,
Wahai nurul Qolbu, ajarilah untuk senantiasa mensyukuri,
 apapun yang Engkau takdirkan untuk di miliki
dan apapun yang bukan.
Duhai yang Maha Sempurna, maafkan bila  hanya mampu bersyukur
 bila nikmat diperoleh
dan lupa saat Engkau ambil,.
Duhai Rabb, kekasih hati
Lihatlah jiwa yang malam ini teresak di atas sajadah cinta,
 dalam nyanyian ayat ayat cintaMu,
berharap cinta  terbalas,
berharap rindu padaMu terubati.

Nukilan rindu
Imaginasi  nkc

people never forget

people will forget what you said
people will forget what you did
people will never forget
how you made them feel

d last week

It was the last week of school. In a way, I was looking forward to this day. It meant that the following weeks, which totaled 7 weeks, would be a long deserving holiday. For me, at least.
Monday the 5th, the spm candidates started off with BM. That evening, was at school again, for the Eleventh Hour Session with the form fives. Maghrib together, and had discussion, if you wanna call it that, for almost 2 hours. I was quite animated in my presentation, cracking jokes as usual, and everyone enjoyed the session very much. After isya’, had supper, consisting of canai n teh tarik je, with 21 students at Pernama. Meriah tu.. only at quarter past eleven I reached home.
The next morning, for English 1119, not much of what we discussed came out. Sabo je la.. but hopefully the enthusiasm shown the previous night would be enough to push the students through, especially 5 kenanga, who had been maintaining 1 student passing in English since form four.
Thursday morning, played the final game of the 2012 school session with the form fours. My team was down 0-3, though we didn’t play badly. We were not making good of the chances that came our way. But yours truly, ehem, ehem, manned the midfield, played one the most brilliant games of the season, opened the scoring with a placing to inject hope,  had a hand in the next two goals, and during injury time, izzul @ iju, headed an own goal, to give us the greatest comeback for this season. A state of euphoria, I tell ya..
On Friday, cleared off every outstanding work at school. By 9steng, made a disappearing act, heading to bagan dato to fetch kak long.. well, honestly speaking, i wasn’t good with goodbyes, coz I dreaded it, thus the other reason for me leaving school early.
Saturday afternoon, took the missus and kids to mandah to see the progress of my projek ikan sangkar. It was raining cats and dogs. Being in the kampong area, full of gigantic trees, by the river, was quite a sight. Scary to an extent, if I might say. We took shelter in the musalla during asar. After the rainfall subsided, we went to see what we wanted to see. The equipment had arrived, except for the planks of wood. Only a sangkar was ready. Another nine to go. Hopefully by end of this month, it would be a reality.
After dawn, the next morning, was ready to go to kebun kg gajah. Nak nyulam anak sawit sikit dan repair pagar. Met Jahangir and bilal at Ghulam Rasul’s. they parked their bike there and we headed to kg gajah in my land rover @ cdl. The kebun was flooded. Partly. I went around the kebun and cut the long grass and wild trees, while the two banglas repaired the fence and planted the seedlings. It took us 5 hours. Luckily, the sky was cloudy, so we were shielded from the sun’s ray. Still my skin was getting darker by the minute. Layan je la.. on the way home at about two, the clouds burst and rain fell from heaven, pouring and pouring. Reached Ghulam Rasul at half past two and had beriani with the banglas @ bangles. Sedap giler, gua cakap lu! The rice, the mutton curry, even the chili cut into tiny bits, felt delicious. Or was it because of the hunger and tiredness? Iyekan je.. but one thing for sure, all my joints and bones were in pain later that night..
as for now, happy holidays to all students and teachers!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

xtvt budak asrama balik weekend


Friday, November 9, 2012

perjalanan hidup


Title: camouflageArtist: vveinventvou

..mesti terus lurus,
dan jangan kona2, ha!

The Road Not Taken

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

bersungguh tuuu!

kalau bebeno la cite kt posting fb kt atas tu, ape ke he nya kerajaan nk bg kerakyatan pada mamat2 myanmar ni? nak suruh ngundi deme la tu.. kalau dh sampai janji, kalah tetap kalah. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Bali Accommodation