Wednesday, October 29, 2008


"... to the well-organised mind, death is but the next great adventure." Dumbledore- Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone.

Monday, October 27, 2008


everyone becomes old, that's a fact, but i think i'm getting older at a faster rate. Why? because grey hair is growing everywhere except maybe my eyebrow, eyelashes, and below my armpit. it can only mean one thing: death is getting nearer. Layan....

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bawak bertenang....

. nothing much updated on politics. guess everyone is keeping a low profile..
anyway, i want to tell you guys about my banjir experience recently. it was a tuesday, yes, 4 days back. in the afternoon, it began to pour. by late afternoon, it was raining cats. i was on the way to fetch my son when the road heading to it was flooded. luckily i managed to manoeuvre my way and to cut a long story short, i found my son happily playing in the waist deep water with his friends. by nightfall, there was still no sign of the rain slowing down. then when i went to get my children balik ngaji, my neighbours had started to park their cars on higher ground. indirectly, this alarmed me, and i too parked my car there. when water started to enter the houses around mine, i quickly salvage whatever items in my living and put them in the foyer and dining. as anticipated, water began to seep into the living at midnite..
a mix of anxiety and tiredness caused me to doze off but at 3am, i was awake again, not because of anything terrible happening, but the thought of my house being submerged under water got the better of me. i continued with my sleep till dawn then..
at the break of morning, from the balcony, the first and obvious scene was water, water, water all around and everywhere. the sight was expected, but i never thought that this would happen at my place. after breakfast i waded through the water to get a first hand experience of the real situation. many of my neighbours homes were badly affected. i could only feel sorry, but there was nothing much i could do coz i was facing the same predicament too. someone then said that things were going to worsen later, so we were told to leave our homes. still, i was adamant and stayed put. i put my fate in God's hand. it did rain, but just drizzle all throughout the day. by the next day, the water receded. i started to clean up the mess left behind by the water and only today i think i'm satisfied, though not totally,( ye la, the water left behind mud slick on my precious, green, lovely grass...) with what has been done.exceptfor the dirt and losses in term of material stuffs, no lives were lost. my plans went awry, i missed school for two days :-) ,but the end result is, it was a totally different experience here at my place, albeit the fact that i have experienced this many, many years ago at Limau Kasturi. but that was a real happening, way different from this one, coz at Limau Kasturi you are considered to be in the ulu part of the country. there, people had to move to hills, railway track, bringing their families, belongings, even goats and cattle. well, that another story. maybe i write about Limau Kasturi in another posting coz life in Limau Kasturi then really taught me the meaning of life. oh, by the way, Limau Kasturi is in Kelantan if you are in the dark.
got a game to see now. malaysia football team is playing in the merdeka tournament final against vietnam. it has been ages since i last saw the malaysia team in action. how i miss the days when we were a team most countries in Asia feared. that was in the 70s, and early 80s..
so, until next time, bawak bertenang..

Monday, October 20, 2008

d beginning....

salam to everyone.
finally, my own blog. been wanting to have one for quite a while. any specific reasons, you may ask, right..? well, one of them is to keep up with d joneses and not to be lagging behind in this borderless world of communication and technology. Another reason is, it has got to do with self-satisfaction: it shall be a medium for me to spill my gut, share my thots, pose questions, ponder over things, etc, etc... Anything, everything, or it could be pure nothing. life is such that it depends on how one perceives it. thus, to me, life can be everything, and as a matter of fact, nothing. Why do i say so? it has got to do with how you look at it la.. if you are one with the One, then actually there's nothing in life except d only One. But it still can be looked upon as everything coz everything and nothing run together, intertwined, synchronised, bla, bla, bla.. do you follow? my final words for now: "never fear of what will come to you in this world. nothing will come but God's will..." so, layan je la, kan. ciao!

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