Saturday, April 30, 2011

life is a river

life is a river that flows from the past
through the present
on its way to the future

River by Lorenzo Pasqualis

Thursday, April 28, 2011

gua cakap kt guala!


how's life, huh? hoping that everything is running as planned, insyaAllah. i've been planning to write my thots for quite some time now, precisely about a month ago, but i just could never find the time and space and mood.. well, here i am writing, putting down my thots into words.

this year i've been so busy that sometimes i wish time would freeze and let me finish off my never-ending workload. it's not that i am complaining, but to be frank, i'm up to my nose with things to do. the funny thing though, i'm enjoying it too, indirectly, coz it keeps me on my toe and i have made a resolution that whatever comes to me, be it school work or personal stuffs, i would do my very best to fulfill the obligations since i realize that time is no longer on my side as i am getting older with each passing day and death is just around the corner, presumably. wow! a rather long sentence that is, isn't it.. : ) though the best i do may not be good enough, at the very least i know that i have done my best, right..

that's my general view of things happening around me, and in me..

this year i've been given the task to teach the form threes and form fives, both forms are facing major exam obviously, and i look forward to the challenges @ difficulties in teaching my students. so far, except for one form three class, the rest are doing well, meaning, they should be able to pass, doesn't matter what the grade is la.. some teachers think that teaching exam classes is a burden but i for one, like the pressure. i always think that i work best under pressure. it makes me more focus and discipline.

this year too, just like the past 11 years i've been here, i am still the football coach. hmm.. glad that the football season is over. the under 15 lost in the semi, while the under 18 were knocked out during the group stage. i spent more than a month training the players, but luck wasn't on our side i guess.. we could have gone further than what we achieved actually..

and this year around, i am still the chairman for physical education department as well as the sports secretary. being the sports secretary is a real burden, what with this being my first time. so much to learn, so many things to do, but looking on the brighter side, i gain a lot of insight in this field. this year the school's sports day is next semester, so i have my hands full with all kinds of activities: mini marathon, inter-house football and netball competition, athletic events, the list goes on and on. phew! but i'm coping up. layan..

next week is already the month of May. time flies so quickly. do you notice? sometimes when i reminisce about the days gone by, it was as if only yesterdays all those happenings took place. the friends that i had, the things that we did, the places that we went, the ecstasy that we felt, the surrealism that took place, no boundaries, no limitations, endless joy.. i thot so, at first.

but later on in life, i realize that everything i had, did, went, and felt, were actually bits and pieces of The jigsaw puzzle that i was about to see. the jigsaw puzzle of my life..

though i'm busy, i still make it a point to entertain myself, like tending to my plants, painting (it has been ages since i last painted. still got one that is unfinished.. since december. peh!) and reading. so for the last two weeks or so, i have finished three novels; the curious incident of the dog in the night time by mark haddon, cewah by pipiyapong, and i know this much is true by wally lamb. the first novel was about an autistic boy, how he perceived the world and the things that took place looking from a different perspective. it has all the emotionally-attached adjectives. life is like a roller coaster. life is fragile. cewah is about the author life in Kuala Lipis. talking about his yester-years. life at its original best. i bought the book online and finished reading the 70 odd pages in between reading the novel by mark haddon. but the one by wally lamb, which consists of 894 pages, and took me about 8 days of reading at the average of 100 pages daily, is a heavy one. the story is deep,and heart-wrenching. simply put, it's brilliant.

so much for novel.. layan..

guess i have gone beyond my 500-word limit. still got a few things to ramble about, but this should be enough. for now. till next time, be good. (gua cakap kt guala!)


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

hasbi Allah - ii

"...and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know." [2:216]

Rabbi Yassir wa la tu'assir. Rabbi tamim bil khair.

O Allah, make it easy, and do not make it difficult. O Allah, make it end well.

hasbi Allah

If Allah brings you to it,
He will bring you through it.
In happy moments, praise Allah.
In difficult moments, praise Allah.
In Quite moments, worship Allah.
In painful moments, Trust Allah.
In every moment, thank Allah
zikrullah by PetiteAicha

Friday, April 22, 2011

Akulah jalan itu..

Wahai pejalan!

Biarpun telah seratus kali engkau ingkar janji,
ayuhlah datang, dan datanglah lagi!
Karena Tuhan telah berfirman:

“Ketika engkau melambung ke angkasa
ataupun terpuruk ke dalam jurang,
ingatlah kepada-Ku,
karena Aku-lah jalan itu.”

jalaluddin rumi

The Path by Tim Noonan

Thursday, April 21, 2011

burung-burung sulaiman

bukanlah aku
Attar dari lembah mawar

maupun Rumi

Sang Rajawali menari

atau Hafiz

Sang Pencinta tamar

hanyalah aku

elang malam
cuba membaca tanda-tanda
bintang-bintang di langit

dan menuruti jalan-jalan

burung-burung Sulaiman

mendaki puncak rohani

ingin bertemumu

O Cinta

Sang Penerang!

yusuf fansuri

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

just love

God came to my house and asked for charity.

And I fell on my knees and

cried, “Beloved,

what may I


“Just love,” He said.

“Just love”

jangan ambil kerja tuhan

dosa dia dengan tuhan

biar dia selesai dengan tuhan

kita simpan malu orang

malu kita tuhan simpan


Monday, April 18, 2011


Wayang Kulit Performance: The Sacrifice of Bima. by Gustavo Thomas

kita hanya bebayang

di dasar kain yang direntang

dimainkan oleh Tok Dalang..

kiri kanan melintang

mengikut segala gerangan

kehendak Tok Dalang..

betapa hebat terbayang

betapa galak terbentang

bukan kita walau sebarang..

bila cukup hari dan bulan

sampai seru hayat dan badan

berakhirlah kita punya wayang..

kerna kita hanya bebayang….

-ku2gila -



agama itu bersatu dengan yang Satu.

Alone by Habeeb...out of Ideas!

7 days without God..


Bali Accommodation