Saturday, June 30, 2012

end of juni

It’s already the end of the sixth month for this year. More or less 180 days.

How does it feel? Time flies? Crawls?

Was it a long time ago the year started off? Or did it just feel like a wink?

The fact is: it’s already the end of june.

The fact is: time is almost over.

The timeless in you is aware of life's timelessness; and knows that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream. by artistlanas

take it to the limit..

Writing is full of adventures.
It takes you to different places, different time period, where ever you want to go, where ever you want to be, any time, all the time. For now, and forever.

writing on the couch by *janine*

It gives you all sorts of feelings; bliss, sadness, surprise, horror, suspense, thrill, disappointment, joy.Those are instances of what writing does to me.

But I have not been able to pen my thought for a long time now. My level of workload and worldly affair do not permit me the luxury to indulge in one of my favorites leisure pleasure. Normally I would be able to share personals once a month, and at the very least, a poem posted. But it was eon ago since my last one I guess. Thus are the reasons.

It was mid of April and I had just acquired a piece of land. It was a jungle, with swamp. The intention was to clear out the trees, stack up the swamp, and level the land, and later on plant palm oil trees.

Ye la, it’s the ‘in-thing’ among my colleagues at school as well as at home. Cite orang kampong, kan..

It was my first time starting from scratch to have a little farm of my own.

At school, beside the usual chores, sukantara was the agenda then, and being the sports secretary, I had to run the show, and by the end of April it was over. Phew! A sigh of relief. But the little farm was only at the starting point where the piece of land had yet to be cleared and leveled. While I was busily going to the site every other evening to make sure work was in progress, the 1st semester exam appeared. As usual, my hands were full marking exam scripts. I had to juggle my time to make sure everything planned was carried out.

But the semester holiday put a stop to everything. No farm, no marking scripts for the time being then since I had promised my wife and the children to take them to tioman. It was a wonderful getaway from the daily routine, and we had a great time there. The children enjoyed the snorkeling session so much that they insisted to be in the water almost all the time while we were there. Viewing the fish: assorted colors and sizes, in abundance; was a sight to behold. A moment to savior. tioman lives up to its expectation: picturesque, crystal clear water, abundance fish, friendly people. glad i spent time with my family there.

Once the holiday was over, I continued with my scripts, and afternoons were filled with trips to the farm.
The workload: trips to the farm, marking scripts, classes to teach, personal life to live; was taking a toll out of me. To make matter worse, the sports day was just days away. Planning for a sports day can be very tedious and taxing: mentally and physically. The running track to prepare, the long jump and shot putt venues to get ready, the committee members to form, the prizes to order, the meetings and briefings to hold, the paperwork to do, guests to invite, the food and drink to order, buntings and flags to put up, etc etc, every single detail was supposed to be remembered, jotted down, arranged, and executed properly so that the event would run smoothly on the day. Alhamdulillah, a week before the sports day, the farm was all ready: the land cleared, palm oil seedlings planted, fence put up, and except for a few minor stuffs, it’s officially ready.
It’s the time to wait for the rain and sun and manure to help the seedlings to grow and bear fruits. Insha’Allah in three years it will be the time to reap the fruit of labour, as they say it.

Temasya Sukan Tahunan Sekolah Menengah Sains Labuan 2010 # by Roslan Tangah (aka Rasso) And yesterday, the sports day was held, and as anticipated, it ran well.I was so exhausted from all these stuffs but I forced myself to be on my toes and to push myself through all things. Alhamdulillah, yesterday by 11.15 am all my worries disappeared, my burden lighten, my mind was a field of daisies, and my heart thankful for the guidance He bestowed upon me. and last night, it was jammin session again with the 'cincirat' where i get to sing my heart out. life goes on..

I rest my case.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

mencari Tuhan

“Hamzah Fansuri di dalam Mekkah,
mencari Tuhan di Bait Al-Ka’bah.
Dari Barus ke Qudus terlalu payah,
akhirnya dijumpa di dalam Rumah”.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

flow with whatever..

d effect of LSD

look in the middle for 20 seconds.
look around!

futuhat 317

I wonder at the house He has built and shaped,

placing therein a noble spirit, putting it to the trial.

He destroyed it utterly, as if He had not built it.

Who can put it together for me, who can make it last?

He knew full well what He had set up -

Would that I knew what He knew!

Why did He not from the first build that house

as a lasting structure whose life does not disappear?

It did nothing to make it deserve ruin,

so why did He raise it up, and why did He lay it waste?

The hand of trial toyed with us and it

and after a time restored it and raised it high.

Returned to the house, the spirit mounted upon its throne

as a king, making its inhabitants immortal,

Blessing it with an Eden and an everlasting Garden,

causing it to dwell in paradise and shelter.

Ibnu arabi


Thursday, June 21, 2012

nak isya' dh ni, beb..


nak isya' dh ni, beb..

lu orang nak g solat ke?

kat mana? musalla @ surau ke, atau masjid?

ke kat rumah? kalau gua cakap

solat tu kat rumah je, amacam?

memang le afdal berjemaah, tapi lu tau ke,

apa yang berjemaahnya?

solat le kat rumah,

rumah Lu sendiri,

jemaah dengan ahli rumah Lu sendiri,

agar tak lari,

yang dihajati..

ada erti?


imagine, bro..

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

He @ She Loves You yeah yeah yeah

*She @ He loves you.

You know that, right..

*the omnipotent

semalam di limau kasturi..

from top of trunk:
Mat chok, azman, gua la!, baharum, mat jani..

-Limau kasturi in memory- 1989

alam saghir

lu adalah kosmos lu sendiri..
ada erti?
dalam kosmos yang infiniti..
ada erti?

don't worry be happy!


Bali Accommodation