Wednesday, December 30, 2015

layan.. buku ni, beb!

Image result for terima kasih si babi hutan

awal agama mengenal Allah

tidak sah solat tanpa mengenal Allah

tidak sah solat jika tidak hadir hatinya

jiwa qalbu orang mukmin adalah istana Allah

pada dirimu, mengapa tidak kamu lihat

barang siapa mengenal dirinya maka dia mengenal Allah

gua beli buku ni oktober, kelmarin pagi baru gua baca, petang khatam dh..
punya la syur..

Saturday, December 26, 2015

school holiday... till today

The school holiday is about to come to an end, and as usual I never get enough of it. Well, that’s the way I feel. Every year.. ahaks.

at d wedding
This holiday, the last day of school actually, we go back to pj coz the next day we intend to attend a wedding in bangi. Ibi and dora daughter, amira’s wedding. It turns out to be a grand occasion, what with the posh and spacious banquet hall, mingling with relatives in between nasi minyak, bubur kacang, cakes and drinks. Worth going, to be frank.

Then on the way home to pj, we get into UM, the place where my wife studied back then. Revisited would be the best word because we stop at her hostel, to let her soaks in the atmosphere, take pics, stop at  DTC before leaving. Nostalgic moments.

at aeon watching goosebump
The next day, after breakfast with bak and mak, we leave for home sweet home as my wife has to  be at school on Monday. On Thursday, the children watch ‘Goosebump’. They enjoy it very much.
In between I paint mural at school. Still yet to finish. Entitled ‘tree & bird’.

majestic gunung lang
The following weekend, we head to Ipoh famous pasar karat. Our first time there and it is an enjoyable place for those who prefer antiques, rare items and the good old days. There is even a medicine man who uses snakes to pull in the crowd. It’s the first time for the children to see such an occasion. At 12, we go to Gunung Lang.  It turns out to be a peaceful place, especially so for picnickers, with the lake and limestone hills around, except that we do not have our picnic basket with us. : )

For lunch we stop at KFC Gopeng. The children eat to their heart’s content. Then we go to Kellie’s Castle. After many, many times driving past it, this is everyone’s first time. From the outside, it looks huge but once you are inside, it is bigger than anticipated. I wonder what really happened back then with regard to the story behind the castle. We stop for prayer at Bt Gajah Masjidil Aqsa replica mosque.

d medicine man with his snakes
On Wednesday the 2nd of December, which happens to be my birthday, my wife and I leave home and the children to perform the umrah. It is the best birthday present ever. Can it get any better? Not now, for sure. Well, this will be another story in another posting, okay. For now, we concentrate on the school holidays je.. the children stay at home and tend to themselves, with the help of Dewi, our maid., as well as Pak Teh and Mak Teh who live just nearby.
abil in front of kellie's castle

bak n mak xxx
When we get home after being away for 15 days, that Saturday we go back to pj to visit my parents. But not before going to dengkil Uitm to meet Kak Long @ Iliya who has registered for her second semester about a week earlier. It’s nice to see her again. Stay at pj for a night, manage to meet Al, abg n kak ezza, ajib and kak as, other than my parents la, of course..

And now we are home again, enjoying the final weeks of the holiday to the fullest. The children get online everyday, watch tv, eat, have fun, enjoy each other company, which to me is a total pleasure. Let them have the time for soon, they will be away at boarding schools and colleges. Only nia will be at home with us next year. Sigh.

As for me, school starts next Monday coz there’ll be meetings to attend.
So? Layankan saje..

Friday, December 25, 2015

happy birthday, adek !!

 nk luv u !!!


Thursday, December 24, 2015

ya Habibullah !

Salam alaika ya Rasulullah 

12 rabiulawal 1437

Di Rumah Tuhan

Di Rumah Tuhan
Bertawaf tujuh pusingan
Hilang kenang-kenangan
Kosong segala ingatan

Di Rumah Tuhan
Bermunajat berzikir berdoa
Airmata bercucuran
Sedar nasib badan

Di Rumah Tuhan
Sampai kini impian
Safa Marwah
Maqam Ibrahim Hijr Ismail
Juga Babusalam
Menjadi kenyataan
Mimpi yang diidamkan


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

hi !!

assalamualaikum wbh

Bali Accommodation