Friday, January 30, 2015

kejap je

The trouble is, you think you have time."  This is NOT a true Buddha quote, but still encompasses the very essence of his teachings. (

Sunday, January 18, 2015

school holidays till today - ii

It seemed everywhere it was raining.  And it started flooding. My sangkar ikan was not spared too. Luckily it was still intact. Syukur. But the east coast was the worst affected. And the unthinkable happened. The flood at the east coast, which was a yearly occurrence, was running amok this time and no one anticipated it. Limau kasturi, the place I first taught, was badly hit, along with other villages along the galas river namely kemubu, dabong,  manek urai, pemberian, karangan, to name a few. The houses there were either swept away by the strong current, or moved to another site, or at the very least, submerged in the water. What made things even worse was mud accompanied the water, and everything came so sudden. The flood smashed into everything and shoved and plunged anything in its way. ( I will write specifically about this in banjir limau kasturi, insyaAllah) the whole nation was astounded by this event. Never before in the history of Malaysia such a massive and devastative flood had taken place. More than half a million people had to run to higher ground. Sorry is an understatement of what I felt then. It was beyond that. Sigh.

By the end of December, meetings were held and I was at school for three consecutive days. On the 30th it was announced that first day of school was postponed by another week. I was delighted for the extra week holiday but at the same time it meant that the flood was worse than foresee. But I managed to do kerja amal bantuan mangsa banjir during that one extra week. Syukur.

Oh, I did manage to do two paintings and finish the novel the client by john grisham, too. 

And finally, school days were back. Last week that was. My mind as usual was not really ready. Still I made my best effort to get through the days at school. First meeting with all the classes; I’m teaching two form fives and three form fours classes; was a mixture of sharing hopes and dreams with the students for this year and the near future. Hopefully they, the students would do their best in every single thing they do. Last Thursday was in alor setar, taking nabil for his vo-tech interview. Hope he’d get a place insyaAllah.

And this afternoon, just got home from a night in pj. Glad to be with bak and mak again, having dinner with them, borak2 with mak, meeting al, ajib and kak asiah, as well as visiting nazam before leaving for home. I even managed an hour with hakam, btw. Ahaks.. mantul time, kan.. it was rather brief, but my being home in pj was what really count.

And tomorrow school starts again. And hopefully I’ll be in my stride, teaching and sharing ideas with full of vigor and enthusiasm, alive and well, living life to the fullest, and making everyday another extraordinary day. Kan, kan..

Another day to live. God willing.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

school holidays till today - i

The last school holiday was a hectic one.

Right at the beginning, when I wanted to settle all my kebun stuffs: membaja, meracun, menebas; got the news that nazam had a stroke @ angin ahmar. Heard it was quite bad. I had to go and see it for myself. Thought of taking the ets from bt gajah that first Sunday but when I got to the station, the tickets were sold out. I had no choice but to go home. A few days later, I did go to kl general hospital. Yes, he was in a terrible condition. His right sides were paralysed. His mind @ emotion was unstable. Felt real sorry for him. After three hours there, left for home, wondering of what could have been.

The next couple of weeks spent time at the kebun. Put time aside to be back with nature. Really enjoyed it albeit the tiredness. I went twice to mandah, jawang and pulau juar but selabak and sg tiram I had only an opportunity. Ok la tu, kan.. it was musim melawas, which meant the trees were not producing their fruits.

Early December, went back to pj for a couple of nights. Took the children to Big Bad Wolf book sales. It was our first time there. Books were abundance, too many till I just couldn’t decide what to buy. In the end I bought a novel by Jodi Picoult. And I have yet to start reading it. So much for buying novels, kan, you might want to say. But I got good reason for not reading it yet. Indulge into it later2..
Big Bad Wolf time

I went to school twice too, to clear up my room and the storeroom. It was a routine for me coz that was what I would do during this long break. Luckily mawi had cleared up part of the store when he occupied it for a while recently. So it was not too much work left for me.

beautiful tasek raban
When lisa was called for an interview at mrsm kuala besut sometime in the mid of December, I booked rooms for us to stay there, as well as in kuala Terengganu. The night before we left, I saw on tv that the east coast was expecting heavy rain in the coming days. I prayed that we would be able to enjoy the trip to Terengganu. The drive to Terengganu was a picturesque one. We stopped a number of times to snap pictures and to ease ourselves. Before reaching grik, it started to rain, and it rained all the way to kuala besut. Can you imagine that? Nevertheless, we reached bukit keluang resort safely at half past five. That night it continued raining again.

The next morning, after sending lisa to her interview, we went to kompleks perikanan at seberang kastam to savor the unforgettable ikan bakar. Unforgettable to me, lah.. I spent precious moments here in kuala besut way back in the early 90’s with rock and his friends, naga-naga. At that time, some mornings we would be at the kompleks to get fresh fish from friends and took them to a café nearby. We would then clean the fish and had it barbequed @ roasted @ grilled @ bakar. The café owner would prepare the rice and sambal + kicap for us to dip the fish in. pehh! It was really appetizing. Thus the reason for taking my family there.

 my loved ones
We used some time to visit rock’s mum, who was very kind to me back during those days. Then at noon left for kuala Terengganu. The wind was so strong. When we stopped at a café by the sea in setiu to eat sotong celup, we had to hold our plates so that the wind wouldn’t blow them away. The waves were crashing onto the beach. It was awesome but a lil scarry also. 
nia & arief trishaw ride

Reaching kuala Terengganu Grand Putri, we quickly settled down and went for a walk nearby. That night layan bola where Malaysia lost to Thailand in the first league final. The next morning we went to pasar payang which was just a stone’s throw away. Everybody got something for themselves. Before leaving, we even bought keropok lekor and budu and few other tidbits.
I wanted to go to limau kasturi but the weather was not permitting. The rain was pouring non-stop and the shortcut through kenyir to aring was already flooded and closed to all vehicles. After contemplating for a while, I decided it was best for us to go home. Taking the LPT from kuala Terengganu, we thought it would be ok. We even stopped at Ajil for lunch and solat. Then, when we continued our journey using the LPT, we were surprised because we had to exit at Bandar muktafibillah interchange, thus forcing us to continue the journey along trunk roads, under the torrential rain, squeezed by the flooded palm oil estate throughout the distance, with no kampongs on sight, before getting into the LPT again at Jabor. It  was quite terrifying. The ominously dark skies made things worse. At times, I even felt like I was one of moses’ disciples crossing the divided red seaSyukur when we finally made it to the LPT again, to be honest.

We stopped at Genting Sempah for a breather before continuing the distance through batang kali. By 1030 pm we stopped again for dinner at Teluk Intan, right after taking a few pictures in front of the famous leaning tower there. It was midnite on the dot when we finally arrived home. Phew! All in all, it took me 11 hours of travelling that day.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

keluarga harmoni ??

ni sape la yang tak brapa cerdik punya keroje?

Cumi Ciki's photo.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kisah sedih mangsa banjir Kelantan

semalam ada member drive balik kelate..lalu kot manik urai.. ternampok sepasang ore tuo dale lingkungee 70 lebih dok tido di pondok nunggu bus..napok ado bungkusan baju n satu basikal tuo tersandar kat pondok nunggu bus..maso tu dalee pukul 7.30 pagi..napok duk tido situ..hanya beralas kertas surat kabar dan berselimut kain plekat dan berbantal bukusan baju...jadi ambo patoh balik berenti betul2 depan pondok nunggu bus tu..maso kawe turun dio duk tidor napok kesejukan..kawe bagi salam...gerok pokcik tu..terkejut jugok dio..napok po dok nanaa..dio bangun pah tu dio gerok mokcik tuo hok tido skali ' mek mek bangun'.. Mokcik tu pun bangun sambil dok genyeh mato dio.... Ambo tanyo pakcik tu' pokcik doh brapo hari tido sini?"...Dio jawab ' pah pado air surut..umoh punoh hanyut ... Ambo tanyo ' anok2 pokcik takdok ko '... Mokcik tu jawab ' anok ado sore blaki doh duk di johor..sore lagi hok jatee nikoh duk di kolompo..tapi gak anok2 bertahun doh tok kelik..mugo idup senee doh mano nok ingat ko ore tuo'....Bilo ambo dengar sero sayu hati anok2 lupokan mok pok..ambo tanyo lagi ' pah banjir surut anok2 tok kelik ko?"... Pokcik tu kato' maso rayo pun tok kelik ..lagi ke boh gini nok kelik'... Ambo tanyo lagi ' pokcik dah make?...Bilo ambo tanyo gitu air mato mokcik tu nitih..tok terkeluar kato2 cumo dio ngeleng poalo tando dio tok make.... Ambo tanyo brapo hari doh mokcik pokcik tok make?... Pokcik jawab ' sejak air surut..bantuan pon ore tok ambik utk pokcik..sebok hati ambo dengar..maso ambo tringat ambo ado bekalan roti cream maso kat gua musang ambo beli 3 ..doh make belee drive so..ado 2 lagi... Ambo gi kat kereta ambik roti nge air mineral..ambo bui ko dio... Ambo kato' pokcik sayo ado roti pokcik mokcik ambik la make.. Mokcik tu kato ' takpo la awe..trimokasih...mokcik raso kenyee doh bilo slalu dok selawat kaatas Nabi.. Kawe sero meroh mato dok tehee air mato duk takung... Ambo pujuk pokcik mokcik ambik make..akhirnya dio ambik..dan make..separuh jah,.separuh lagi dio sipe...Bilo tengok gitu ambo raso sebok..make sparuh roti pahtu sparuh lagi simpan.. Ambo kato mokcik pokcik make la abih roti tu takpo pah ni sayo mari smula bawok makanee..pokcik tu tanyo..awe mari mano..sayo royak..sayo nok kelik pasir puteh dari kl...Dio royak trimo kasih banyok2 ..pokcik tu royak banyok keto hok lalu tapi takdok satu keto pun brenti tanyo keadaan dio.... Ambo kato insyaallah ada nanti hamba Allah yg tolong pokcik mokcik..pahtu ambo kato..ambo mari smula pokcik..sayo drive sampai jumpa kedai stop kebetulan ore duk jual breakfast .,sayo beli nasi dagang lauk ayam 2 ketul ..beli 2 bungkus rm10 sebungkus..pastu pegi kedai runcit beli air mineral 10 botol yg dijual dgn harga rm5 sebotol hok kecik..beli biskut beli makanan dalam tin kari ayam. Sambal ikan bilis , sardin 10 tin..roti 2 bungkus..kain selimut 2 kemudian saya drive balik atar ko pokcik tu... Bilo sayo bui baree2 tu ..pokcik tu triok dio peluk sayo royak..pokcik tok tahu nok balas budi awe..hanyo Allah yg dapat membalas budi awe.. Mokcik tu nitih air mato..hok ambo sedih bilo mokcik tu kato'' ingatkan bilo kito besarkan anok2.. Anok2 akan ingat pada ore tuo..tapi ore lain yg ado perasaan simpati ..ambo dengaa gitu sero nitik air mato..anok2 bilo doh senee lupo ore tuo... Mokcik tu sambung lagi ' tapi walau pun anok2 tok ingat mok pok dio..tok caro ko ore tuo..sabagai mok pok mokcik sentiasa berdoa untuk anok2.. Begitu sayu bilo mokcik tu kato gitu
.... Maso beli baree tu hargo meme mahal... kain slimut rm50..lilin sebatee rm10... Memee ore ambik kesempatan...Ore tuo tok cekak nok jalee....pesan kat ore gi ambik bantuan tapi nyo behee ambik ko ore hok gi ambik..tok bui ko ore tuo tu... Dengan tido alas surat kabar berbantal kan bungkusee baju..berselimut nge kain pkekat..pilu tengok...

Kutip dari whassapp

Friday, January 9, 2015

ziarah kubur

Minggu lepas kitorang (gua, missus n nia) pergi ke sejagop nak tenguk banjir. Idak le jauh, 20km+- . Habis rumah orang kampong dan kebun sawit tenggelam. Kesian, beb, tenguk orang kena pindah ni.

Pastu masa balik tu, kitorang lalu ikut kayan, pasir belanda, parit haji dollah dan akhirnya berhenti kat sungai tiram. Sungai tiram ni kampong mertua gua, tapi kedua-dua dah meninggal. Rumah kampong disewa orang. Gua pun ajak missus pergi ziarah kubur sebab lama tak pergi.

Kubur2 tu bersih, dijaga dengan baik. Senang je cari kubur mertua tu, sebabnya berdekatan antara satu sama lain. Masa sampai kat kubur tu, gua pun bagi salam.

“assalamualaikum wth ya ahlul kubur. Semuga berada dalam keadaan redha dan diredhai. Tak lama pasti aku kan susuli.”

Setelah sedekahkan fatihah dan doa, kitorang pun ciao lee..

Thursday, January 8, 2015

the end

Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end. - John Lennon

free your mind

Bob Marley

Monday, January 5, 2015

pintu bahgia

pintu bahgia
Sntiasa ku pendam
sampai bila-bila

Kian mencengkam
nusuk jiwa
Semakin dalam
terus membara

Ke hujung zaman
ku tunggu jua
di Babussalam
hanya kau ada 


Saturday, January 3, 2015

banjir: limau kasturi

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one word to describe the flood:
d e v a s t a t i n g

Thursday, January 1, 2015


“Segala sesuatu yang wujud di alam ini adalah gelap (tidak bersinar) sedang yang meneranginya adalah tampaknya haq (Allah). Maka barangsiapa yang melihat akan sesuatu yang wujud ini, akan tetapi dia tidak menyaksikan haqnya Allah di dalamnya, atau disisinya, sebelum, atau sesudahnya, pastilah cahaya itu menyilaukan dan menghalangi dari padanya cahaya ma'rifat, disebabkan adanya kabut yang menyelimuti dari segala yang wujud ini''.



Bali Accommodation