Friday, December 29, 2017

habisnya setahun..

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Assalamualaikum wbh
Kejap jee, kan, nak habis dh tahun ni. Kalau dikenang2kan, macam baru je 2017 ni, tapi idak la baru sangat tapi idak la sepantas yang dirasa masa berlalu. Mungkin gamaknya dah tua, itu yang rasa masa bergerak begitu pantas sekali. Ataupun dah akhir zaman, jadi masa tu dilajukan pergerakannya dan perpuluhannya agar sama je gerak segalanya, cukup 24 jam sehari, 60 minit sejam seminggu tujuh hari, sebulan tigapuluh hari, setahun tiga ratus enam puluh lima hari. Tapi tu la, adakah diri ini sorang je berasa masa begitu pantas berlalu ataupun lu orang pun terasa begitu jugak?
Dan bagi setiap masa yang berlalu, hakikatnya semakin berusia kita, dan semakin sikit tinggal baki hayat yang ada.
Oleh itu, bagi mereka yang memikio sedemikian, ate, apalagi yang nak dikejar dunya ini, sekadar melayan seadanya jee. Tak gitu?
Namun, oleh kerana kita berpijak di bumi yang nyata, walaupun hakikatnya fana, apatah lagi dengan tanggungjawab berkeluarga, bekerja, dan amanah2 yang dipikul secara langsung dan tidak langsung, yang dipinta dan dipaksa, maka hidup kat dunya ni harus di teruskan jua seperti hari2 yang berlalu. Tinggal lagi bezanya, bagi mereka yang menyedari, maka baki hayat yang dipinjam ini harus dipenuhi sebaik2nya dengan sepenuh kebaikan yang termampu.
Biarlah orang menilai kita dengan pelbagai, namun Dia Maha Mengetahui dan Maha Menilai. Lagipun, yang nak dibuktikan segalanya adalah pada Dia jee. Yang penting tak kacau orang, kan.
Macam2 Dia bagi kat diri ini: suka duka sihat sakit susah senang dan pelbagai lagi, apakah diri ini tak reti nak bersyukur?
Ya Tuhan, jangan Kau pesongkan hati ini dari mengingati Mu dalam setiap naik turun nafas ku. Dalam setiap susah senang ku. Dalam setiap saat dan ketika. Syukur selalu. Syukur selalu. Selamanya. Dengan izin Nya.
Muga hari2 yang mendatang nanti tidak menjadikan diri ini alpa.

Moral of the story: hidup ni buat baik je. Disisi Nya.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


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dunia ni letaknya ditangan
agar senang ditinggalkan

bukannya di hati
sebab bukan boleh bawak mati

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Monday, December 25, 2017

man united vs man city- a game to forget

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to watch man united against man city, played at old Trafford. As everyone had known, man united lost 1-2. Well, to lose is one thing but to lose playing like how they did in that game is just pathetic to me. Man united were dreadful. Before the game started, and looking at the line up, I thought with martial, rashford, lukaku, linggard playing, surely man united would give their biggest rival a real fight. But to my dismay, they were like a bunch of sissies.
They should have gone for the jugular, attack and attack and defend when the need arise. It would be better to lose the game fighting, say 2-4, than losing like that in your own den. Man to man, man united had the team to match man city, though I would say Guardiola’s kind of possession football played by man city does look attractive. But if man united could attack with pace and aggressiveness, and retreat to form a fortress, I don’t think they would be humbled by man city. Simply put, man united played like assholes, with their balls stuck in the throat.
There was no gut in man united. Mourinho didn’t believe his team could hurt man city, thus resorting to a passive approach which is so unlike man united. They tried to play safe and defensive when they should have attack at will. Looking at man united goal, which came after man city had scored and had numerous chances compared to united two or three shots on target, man city can be vulnerable under pressure. Man united didn’t capitalize on this because mourinho got everything wrong. He should work on man united strength and it lies in attack. Isn’t attack the best form of defence?
Mourinho was more afraid of Guardiola’s man city rather than advocating his players to attack relentlessly and defend dynamically. He was so focused on man city ability to hurt his team rather than the opposite. And it backfired.
As a football coach myself, albeit at a different level, and a man united supporter since ’69, if I were to be in mourinho’s shoes, with the players at his disposal, I would never ever play like that forgettable night at old Trafford.

Honestly, with the system he is employing this season, man united have no chance to pursue man city.
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happy birthday luv!!

nk loves u!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

- kebahagiaan -

Kebahagiaan tidak semestinya datang dengan memiliki

                                                                - Pelukis Jalanan -

have a lil piece of love..

Wajah Mu

Wajah Mu di mana-mana

Di mana saja
Aku melihat
Hanya Mu terpahat
Dalam hati ini

Dalam setiap gerak
Insani haiwani
Pokok dan hutan
Bukit dan gunung ganang
sungai dan air terjun
hujan dan salji
hanya Mu tertegun
dalam setiap pandangan
hati ini


wajah Mu di mana-mana

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Plitvice Croatia 1312 17

I wanna see you

I wanna see you
And the next day
And the next day
And all the next days
After that     

And I wanna see you
Again and again
After all those days
For all the days
I had missed you

Blagaj  10th dec 2017

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Saturday, December 16, 2017



next time
no time
pass time
waste time
kill the time
lose time
good time
about time
take your time
save time
on time
spare time
keep time
right on time
out of time
be on time
so much time
so little time

but in actuality, there is only a time,
and that time is timeless..


Friday, December 1, 2017

Thursday, November 30, 2017


Spm ended at my centre today. All in all, it was an exciting experience, after not invigilating for a number of years. The other invigilators, wal’asiri, hasni, zuraidah, sarinah, anish n aina were wonderful friends and we got along well. We started off awkwardly at first but once I started to spend them pizza during the second week, everyday there would be food supplied by somebody. We had roti canai telor every morning. Either that or nasi lemak. Then zuraidah brought nasi kerabu with ayam bako. When it came to aina’s turn, she brought roti nan with kari daging, specially made by her mum. And today being the last day, wal’ asiri treated us to kfc. Layan..
fatin alya dayah anis
Even the students too were well-behaved overall. I even made friends with some of them, since dayah was there, namely anis fatin yasmin alya yusuf fahmi.. on their last day, we went to mcd, courtesy of me lah, who else, kan hahaa

arief lisa nia + lily n dayah
Then, the next day, I chilled with my favorite girls, dayah and lily at lumut. Wednesday, 5 mawar was having their last get-together at teluk batik, and as usual, I was invited. Not to let them down, after finishing my morning chores, I took nia arief n lisa there. It was fun: there was a lot of food; ayam bako, spaghetti, nasi goreng, red velvet cake, nugget, fruit.. and the games they had were simply outrageous, if I may say so. The students really enjoyed themselves. The same goes for my children, who strolled by the beach. It was noon but the weather was so soothing. Alhamdulillah.

Last nite it rained. It rained and rained and it continued till today afternoon. I was quite worried that it might be flooded at home since I was at my spm centre. But it turned out okeyy. Not to be dampen by the weather, I went to anis’ to get my cheese cake. I heard she made delicious cheese cake. And true to it, the children wanted more. Hahaa guess I have to repeat the order later lahh, ekk. Well, that’s another story. After getting the cheese cake, I had mee rebus at pak bakar’s with anis n dayah. Layan lagi..
5 mawar!!
And after the exam today, sent yasmin home. Yasmin is ipin’s daughter. I know her family, especially her dad, and I felt sorry for her coz her mum passed away all of a sudden a couple of years ago. Wanted to meet ipin but he wasn’t home yet. Perhaps next time. inshaAllah.

loved ones..
On another note, in between invigilating spm, I went back to pj. Twice. The first time was a day trip to get the Hyundai getz, bought for iliya la konon2nya hahaa. It’s for her to drive when she needs to go to hospital later for her practice. the second time was last weekend. This time I went back with my missus and nia n arief n lisa n iliya. Though it was only for a nite, it was time well-spent, since I met al, abg n kak ezza, and especially bak. I’m happy for bak, coz since the new maid is here, he feels much better and it shows in his expression and appetite. Hopefully it stays that way. inshaAllah.
getz kaklong !!

And now I’m home. Spending time with my beloved. With that November ends. Full of events n happenings n moments.

Thank you Allah for all Your Blessings upon me.

Monday, November 27, 2017

ending & beginning

“All endings are also beginnings. We just don't know it at the time.” Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet In Heaven

The Five People You Meet in Heaven

Thursday, November 23, 2017

for one more day

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the third novel i'm reading within three weeks..

well, i'm invigilating spm currently, and what better way to kill the time than reading? (other than zikrullah lee.. )
i finished ' the magic strings of frankie presto', also by mitch albom, and ' the travels of ibn battutah', edited by tim mackintosh-smith.

though i've read this book before, it's worth a second reading actually.
to be honest, anything by mitch albom is a bestseller, and his materials suit me.
toying with nostalgic themes, and narrating it in his simple but profound manner.

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“It’s such a shame to waste time. We always think we have so much of it.” — Mitch Albom


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