Saturday, October 30, 2010



yang pertama ditinggal dikurangi adalah makan berlebihan.
maka selesai itu tidur juga hendaklah berjaga.
pasti kuranglah berkata-kata.
dan jadi jarang bertemu dengan orang-orang.

maka terbukalah jalan.
dipertontonkan jalan.
dan berjalanlah..

"Rabbi zidni 'ilma" (Thaha 20:14)

Tiadalah pengetahuan yang diminta Muhammad, selain dari pengetahuan tentang Allah.
dan sesungguhnya, pengetahuan tentang Allah adalah kebingungan dalam kebingungan yang membingungkan. bertambahnya pengetahuan beerti bertambahnya kebingungan, yakni dalam pengetahuan.... ad infinitum.
Can You Puzzle? by Amberd Design Studio |

oghe kito tuuu!

oghe kito tuuu!

congrats to the kelantan football team for being champion of the malaysia cup. 1st time ever!

gomo kelate gomo!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Have a Little Faith-ii

I've finished reading it. two days ago, to be exact. though it wasn't that thick, (249 pages only), i took my time to read, think, digest and feel the story. it's a very simple story: the author was asked by a rabbi to make a eulogy when the rabbi pass away, and along the way, he met a criminal-turn-pastor, whom he helped in a way or two. these two persons, different in faith, but embracing the truth, the real truth, if you know what i mean. the story is deeply moving, and it gives me a hindsight, a new perception to look at life and its happenings.
to sum it up, both the rabbi and the pastor propagate the idea of selflessness. putting others importance first, ahead of theirs. to give, and to give, at every possible moment. never seeking anything in return for the favor @ deed, never blaming God for what took place.
God and the decision he renders is correct.
it is always God here, and God there; both preachers lives are intertwined with God, just like The Police song, Every Breath You Take.
i would recommend you read this book, or anything by Mitch Albom, if you need a lift for your spirit, or to look at things differently, or just for mere pleasure. Ta!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


cinta itu adalah pelangi di atas sungai,

tika duduk di atas rumput beralas tikar,

menikmati indahnya warna warni diujung mata,

tika gemercik air adalah suara latar menikmati cinta itu .

cinta adalah rembulan yang ditatap dari balik jendela kamar,

tika suara cengkerik adalah latar yang indah membuat hening ini sempurna,

membuat cinta ini tambah terasa indahnya.

nukilan rindu

Rainbow Reflection HDR by 2minutes

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Semakin hari

semakin menghampiri

Semakin hari

semakin menghampiri

Semakin hari

semakin menghampiri

Semakin hari

semakin menghampiri

Semakin hari

semakin menghampiri

Semakin hari

semakin menghampiri

Semakin hari

semakin menghampiri



Sunday, October 24, 2010

Have a Little Faith


the above is the book that i am reading at the moment. got it last night. ida gave it to me when i met her at my parents place.
yesterday late afternoon, drove back to pj to see my parents. everybody tagged along, as usual. reached there at a quarter to eight. by half past eight, al came with ellis, ida came with the boys and icha, and ajib and kak asiah also dropped in surprisingly. it was quite a commotion, since one fifth of the immediate family members were around. it was fun, and pleasing as well, to meet them there. the last time i met them was raya, so we had a lot to share about..
back to the book. if you are familiar with mitch albom, then you would know what to expect. his previous books, such as tuesdays with morrie, for one more day, were bestsellers. his writing is always interesting, his words simply structured, but at the same time, the idea @ message @ thought touches the heart and can be very inspiring.
hope this one, have a little faith, is as wonderful as the previous ones i've read.
got to go. got some reading to do. : )

Saturday, October 23, 2010



maaf adalah hadiah buat diri kita sendiri. Hadiah, untuk sebuah kebebasan. Kebebasan dari rasa tertekan, rasa dendam, rasa amarah, rasa sesak didada, rasa diburu oleh hantu dan kedegilan hati. “Memaafkan memang berat, tapi sebetulnya sederhana” maaf dan lupakan, biarkan waktu yang menyembuhkan dan ALLAH yang membalas perbuatannya, sederhana kan?

nukilan rindu

Allah knows

ALLAH knows

nukilan rindu

Friday, October 22, 2010

petikan gitar luka

Acoustic Guitar by balo_erets

rindu yang selalu kau hadirkan,

atas rasa yang tak mampu ku sisihkan,

meski tak ada lagi sisa hadirmu,

atas sakit yang kau namai cinta,

atas dawai gitar yang petikannya,

menggantung ditepian luka.

Jika ini yang dulu kau sebut cinta,

mengapa luka yang tak pernah sembuh

terus mengalir?

bawakan ku setangkai mawar,

rasakan sakit ku,

sekalipun kau takkan bisa mengerti…

nukilan rindu

imaginasi nkc

ayam tergolek

semalam birthday anak gua si lisa. gua belikan dia cake chocolate indulgence dan ayam golek. dua2 tu gua order dari kaum gua. bila dia balik sekolah, dia tenguk makanan tu atas meja, excited la dia. dia pun cakap, "wah! ada ayam tergolek!"
sabo je la.. itu je la gua nak story.Roast Chicken Recipe with Coconut Oil by Coconut Recipes

Thursday, October 21, 2010

friday nite thots

" Religion is about being alone with The Alone "
- Ibn Ata'ala

"At the Touch of Love, Everyone becomes a Poet."

Soul is like a clear mirror; the body is dust on it. Beauty in us is not perceived, for we are under the dust.

A good man complains of no one; he does not look to faults.
- shams tabrazi

Remember God so much that you are forgotten.
Let the caller and the called disappear;
be lost in the Call.

-witnessing light-

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

asyiq mashuq - ii


Aho segala kita yang 'ashiqi

Ingatkan ma'na insani

Jika sungguh engkau bangsa ruhani

Jadikan dirimu akan rupa Sultani.

Hamzah Fansuri

Whirling Dervishes by Meir Jacob | מאיר יעקב

Seperti kata Masha'ikh:

Ma 'arafa ' Llahu illa 'Llah

ma ya'lamu'Llahu illa'Llah

ma yara ' Llahu illah 'Llah.


Tiada mengenal Allah hanya Allah,

tiada mengetahui Allah hanya Allah,

tiada melihat Allah hanya Allah.

Allah  الله by Faleh Zahrawi فالح الزهراوي

Seperti kata misra :

Ma'shuq u'ishq u'ashiq har sih yakyast inja

Chum wasl dar na-gunjad hijran chi kar darad.

ya'ni :

Berahi dan yang berahi dan yang diberahikan itu ketiganya

esa jua,

Sini, apabila pertemuan tiada lulus, percheraian

dimanakan ada?


asyiq mashuq






Arak kecintaan

Arak kerinduan

Arak keasyikan

Arak kemasyukan

Arak kelaraan

Arak kedambaan

Arak kepasrahan


Sememangnya cukup

Untuk qais yang majnun

Untuk Al-hallaj bersatu

Untuk Siti jenar tetap tegar

Mabuk selamanya

NK chai

Monday, October 18, 2010

for ever?

How much does a man live, after all?
Does he live a thousand days, or only one?
For a week, or for several centuries?
How long does a man spend dying?
What does it mean to say,

"for ever"?

- Pablo Neruda



"We are trying to be nothing. As long as we are something our ego is going to fool us"

-Sheykh Mevlana Nazim al-Hakkani

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fi Bayanil Qulub

Bagi kau pandang kapas dan kain

Keduanya wahid asma’nya lain

Wahidkan hendak zahir dan batin

Itulah ilmu kesudahan main

Jika kau kenal dirimu baqi

Elokmu itu tiada berbagi

Hamba dan Tuhan daim berdamai

Memandang diri jangan kau lalai

Kenal dirimu hai anak dagang

Menafikan diri jangan kau sayang

Seolah istbat bagi pasang

Supaya mudah engkau datang

Dengar sini hai anak datu

Laut dan ombak asalnya Satu

Dan air asalnya Satu

Seperti manikam muhith dengan batu

Syariat Muhammad ambilkan suluh

Ilmu hakikat bagiku pertubuh

Nafsumu itu bagiku bunuh

Mangkanya dapat sekalian luruh

Mahbubmu itu tiada berhail

Pada fainamatuwalu jangan ghafil

Fasamma wajhullah sempurna wasil

Itulah jalan orang yang kamil


Hamzah Fansuri

Thursday, October 14, 2010

mengingati Allah


Jalan untuk wusul @ sampai pada Allah ialah selalu menjaga badan di atas jalan yang benar, selalu melakukan hukum syariat siang dan malam dan mudhawamah zikrullah dengan sir maupun jahar.
“ingatlah Allah sambil berdiri atau duduk atau dalam keadaan berbaring..” Al-Imran:191

Zikir yang sempurna harus dilakukan dalam keadaan wudhu yang sempurna; dan berzikir dengan pukulan dan suara yang keras sehingga berhasil menimbulkan cahaya zikir di dalam batin orang yang berzikir.


Sirrul Asrar As-Syeikh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailani

the week that was

Pmr’s over. Meaning, merdeka time for the form threes. Though for a lil’ while only. I am free as well, even though I have the form fours to teach. The candidates of the school which I invigilated, lit firecrackers right after the final paper, which caused quite a din. I was startled once or twice because of the loud explosion. Thank god, nothing like that happened in my school. The form threes have minggu cabaran pasca pmr to look forward to, so that the remaining school days for this year is meaningful and spent wisely. God willing.

Last Sunday, 101010, I planted rumput carpet jepun in the yard outside the gate, with the help of my family members. Everybody wanted to make a contribution, so I let them play their part. Normally, it will take between 6-12 months before the green covers the soil. If everything goes as plan, the grass will make the yard outside the gate to be charming, soothing, and to a greater extent, hypnotizing. That is what my imagination is saying la, by the way..

I plan to go to limau kasturi. To bask under the sun ray, which enters between the leaves, while I drift slowly in the perahu along galas river, looking for fish, though in truth, looking for serenity. (Mat Chok will be there, of course. He’s my brother, right. There’s no other person like him who is so helpful, so laid back, the only person who has stayed in limau all throughout his life. Sure, he’s not my flesh and blood, but the chemistry between us is what bonds us. He never fails to entertain me every time I go back to limau. every single time. .) the perahu will take us further down to the ulu part, where the water will be pristine and the jungle virgin. Except for the alternate sound of birds, crickets, monkeys and wild boars, nothing is heard while we move slowly into the wilderness. Mother’s nature at its best. That’s why limau kasturi still ranks highly in the places I wish to be.
Nevertheless, it remains a plan still. Nothing conclusive yet. Time will tell.

I read up this saying of the prophet the other day; “the jews had split into 71 sects, the Christian had dispersed into 72 sects and this muslim nation will disperse into 73 sects, all of them will dwell in hell-fire, except one, which that follows my path.”
So, the question is, have you found the path?

That’s about it: my physical and emotional and spiritual parts of the week that was. Ta!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

merindui yang dirindui

yang diRindui

adalah yang Merindui


bagaimana harus Rindu ini

dikirim pada yang Merindui?

asal usul nama lekir


Pada hari hang jebat mengamuk di istana, maka tiada lah siapa yang dapat menahannya. Lalu bertitahlah baginda sultan kepada hang lekir, hang lekiu dan hang kasturi.

“pergilah tuan hamba bertiga hapuskan si jebat derhaka.”

“menjunjung perintah tuanku,” dijawab mereka bertiga.

Lalu mereka pun pergilah ke istana bertemu si jebat. Disuruhnya jebat menyerah diri. Tetapi lain pula jadinya. Jebat telah mengacah mereka dengan keris tamingsari sambil menjerit,”haaa! Aku bunuh kamu bertiga, pengampu sultan!” dikejar si jebat akan mereka bertiga.

Lalu lekir, lekiu dan kasturi berteraburlah larinya sehingga tertunggeng tunggeng, tunggang langgang, tak cukup tanah menyelamatkan diri takut akan si jebat.

Si lekir berlari meredah hutan dan rimba, menyeberangi sungai, mendaki bukit, menuruni lurah dan setelah 3 hari 3 malam tanpa henti-henti kecuali sekali dua untuk ambil nafas, sampai lah si lekir akan sebuah kawasan yang agak lapang laman tanahnya dan dekat dengan kuala sungai walaupun tiada berpenghuni.

Berhasratlah si lekir untuk diam di situ saja kerana tersangatlah takut kalau kalau dibunuh akan si jebat jika dia kembali ke Melaka adanya. Lalu digagahinya untuk membuka kawasan di situ dan bercucuk tanamlah dia. Lama selepas itu lalulah orang-orang yang berdagang dan ditanya siapakah empunya tempat itu. Lalu dijawab lekir, “hamba, hang lekir, yang punya.” Tahulah akan orang-orang itu dan mereka sesama mereka selalulah singgah melepas lelah bila lalu di situ.

Pada orang lain juga dikhabarkan akan tanah si lekir itu. Lama kelamaan orang yang lalu lalang ingin menumpang mencari kais pagi dan kais petang di situ, dan bermulalah era kemakmuran tanah lekir.

Sehingga kini orang mengenali tempat itu dengan nama lekir, ataupun bagi orang tempatan, lekio, disebabkan pengaruh bahasa kedaerahan oghang perok.

Sekian adanya.

Hari tu anak gua, abil, bagitau gua yang cikgu dia tanya akan asal usul nama lekir @ lekio ni. Jenuh la gua search dengan bantuan pak haji google, tapi haram! Jadi, fikir punya fikir, gua pun karang la cite ni nak bagi kt anak gua bagi pada cikgu dia. Ok tak? : )

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

akhirnya telah mula

setelah lama gelisah
ku lepaskan gusar
biar berlalu pergi

setelah debar berdebar
tiada terhenti
ku matikan rasa kini

setelah listrik menular
nerbang reroma
tiadalah lain dicita

setelah ditawan sunyi
hening membening
terasa berdesing

pergilah dunia
tinggalkan pertapa

dan berlalu
tak sudah duniawi


Friday, October 8, 2010


seperti batu.
tak berpikir.
tak mengingat.
tak membayang.
tak ingin kubuka mata telinga untuk kebenaran selain dari-Mu.
jatuh di permukaanku yang keras.
setetes demi setetes.
lalu retak.
lalu meledak.
lalu berkeping-keping.
lalu puing.
di setiap puingnya kubersujud.
menunggu jawab-Mu.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

selamat pulang!

selamat pulang!
kata aku pada si mati
jenazah yang telah dikapan
diusung terus masuk ke liang

selamat pulang!
semuga sejahtera
semasa penantian
hari yang tiada berkesudahan

selamat pulang!
kata aku lagi pada simati
kelak kita bertemu lagi
bila aku menyusul kau nanti


memiliki atau dimiliki?

Apa yang telah hilang darimu, hingga kamu bersedih? Apa yang telah kau bawa, yang telah hilang darimu? Apa yang telah kau buat, yang telah menjadi rusak?
Engkau tidak membawa apa-apa…
Apa yang kau punya, berikan pada alam semesta. Engkau datang dengan tangan hampa, dan begitu pula manakala engkau harus pergi…
Apa yang jadi milikmu hari ini, adalah milik yang lain di masa silam dan akan menjadi milik yang lain di masa mendatang. Engkau berpikir ini milikmu dan terpaku ke situ. Inilah pangkal segala penderitaanmu…


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tuhan yang bercermin


Tuhan yang bercermin adalah satu,
tapi gambarNya amat banyak dan beragam.
apa yang nampak dalam cermin adalah Dia,
sama sekali bukan selain Dia,
tetapi bukan Dia yang sesungguhnya.

ibnu arabi

jalan menuju Allah

لا ينال غاية رضاه من في قلبه شيء سواه

Tidak akan memperoleh puncak keredhaanNYA seorang yang di dalam hatinya ada sesuatu yang selain NYA.

لا يرتجى الوصول ممن لم يتابع الرسول

Tidak dapat diharapkan sampai kepada Allah dari orang yang tidak mengikuti Rasululllah SAW

لا يعرف ما نقول إلا من اقتفى أثر الرسول

Tidak akan faham apa yang kami katakan, kecuali orang yang telah mengikuti jejak Rasulullah SAW

ibnu arabi

to appreciate here and now

i learned that if i'm going to enjoy the here and the now, i need to relieve myself of the things that slow me down.
Ann Richards, former governor of Texas

careful what you wish for..

my professor and his wife were making a long trip - william was driving, and madeline was napping in the back seat under a blanket. at dusk they began discussing whether to stop at a motel or to take turns driving all night. william wanted to keep driving; madeline wanted to stop.

they needed petrol, so the discussion was tabled. after filling the tank, william drove another four hours until it occured to him he'd heard nothing from the back seat. pulling over, he found only a limp blanket - he had left madeline at the petrol station! when madeline realised he'd gone, she left word at the petrol station, rented a room at a nearby motel and settled in for a good night's sleep.

so they both got what they wanted. madeline got to stop at a motel and william got to drive all night.

mike davis

Monday, October 4, 2010

hari-hari gue..


oui! it's october, daa! the 4th, to be precise.
well, here i am, at school, free for a while, might as well share some thots, and stories, and dreams, and apa-apa je la..
as i mentioned in the last posting for september, i might not write as much as i would want to, might not be able to share ideas @ stuffs from other blogs. the reason? i'll be away to invigilate the PMR, thus, i'll be tied up during the day.
another reason is i wanna paint. i'm craving for it, just that, the factor of time still bugs me. anyway, by hook or by crook, i'll start soon, insyaAllah. idea nak melukis menggelegak dalam kepala ni, sampai meleleh ikut telinga.. ahak! : ) tak lah bagus mana lukisannya pun, tapi syuuur! nya, uncomparable, beb..
so, if i do not post anything, sabo je la, k.
so far, got three poems shared with you guys already, and all of them were posted today. peh! well, actually, i've written them down earlier. where? in my sweet little notebook, which i normally carry around, in case i need to jot down something anywhere. konon2 la..
last weekend, busy with open house invitations, attending to the children cause they are MY CHILDREN, and they'll be facing exam soon, and finally spending some time at my missus kebun, where we wish to plant kelapa pandan later..
it's not that easy to plant anything on a big piece of land, at least the size of an acre, because there are many factors that need to be addressed first. basically, clearing the unwanted trees and long grass from the land, burning the hills of debris cleared and gathered earlier, gathering the remaining debris again, burning it again, levelling the land, and marking holes to plant the seedlings, and finally planting the seedlings + filling some manure in the holes and covering the new shoots from bugs. and that is not the end actually. we need to water the plants daily for a week, and hopefully by then, the roots will be able to hold on to the earth and find water on their own, Peh! berapa banyak keroje, da! tua, beb..
so far kitorang baru selesai second stage. still a long way to go..
saje la sharing some stuffs on berkebun so that you'll get a first hand info as well as a general idea of what to expect in case you need to berkebun..
the moral of the story: bukan senang nak senang, beb!

kerna esuk belum pasti

Hati adalah cermin ku

Tempat himpunan dosa pahala berpadu

Setiap titik noda yang berlabuh

Setiap jiwa yang tersentuh

Hanyalah lantaran aku

Yang memulakan itu

Maka di kesempatan ini

Maafkanlah diri

Kerna esuk belum pasti

Ku ketemui

كُلُّ نَفْسٍ ذَائِقَةُ الْمَوْتِ

“Tiap-tiap yang berjiwa akan merasakan mati.” (QS. Ali Imran: 185)

cinta bertasbih

Kenapa cinta enggan bertasbih

Seperti hari-hari

yang telah berlari?

Kenapa hati keras membatu

Seakan kematu

Menusuk qalbu?

Apa yang kau pendamkan?

Apa yang kau inginkan?

Kalau cinta berlabuh

Di dermaga dunia terlalu lama

Langkahi kakimu

Jangan peduli

Pasir yang melukai

Kalau cinta tersangkut

Di dahan kekosongan kering berguguran

Bebaskan ia pergi

Mencari yang Mencintai


Kau kan pasti


Di dalam pelukan


Dan kembalilah cinta bertasbih

Dan hilanglah hati yang merintih

Imaginasi nkc

tuhan yang mengecewakan?

Kau selalu menyangka

Tuhan sengaja melambatkan




Dan doa2 mu


Udara yang kau hirupkan

Yang kau perlukan

Tanpa sedar

Tuhan kirimkan pada mu

Tanpa jemu


Adakah tuhan mengecewakan?


Bali Accommodation