Tuesday, February 7, 2023

memories +


..are only stories

of happiness and sadness

and tears flow again


haiku nkc Feb 2023

otw to Chefchouen

Tuesday, January 31, 2023


 In between my guitar string

My feeling is hiding


And I am certain

There’s no curtain

To curtail its meaning


The ballet of feelings

And emotions

Dancing to the tune

Of soul satisfactions

Very enlightening


Pieces of You

Glowing in the assorted hues

Of everything and everyone


The dream is to seek

To peek

Into the mystery

Of the Unseek


But I know

Only through blazing fire

Will fulfill my heart desire

To be 

As One


nkc  Jan ‘23




Saturday, January 21, 2023

Says Rumi


         Change oneself rather than others

2.     Accept people as they are

3.      Everyone is correct according to themselves

4.     Learn to let go

5.      Give, for the sake n pleasure of giving, without any expectations

6.      Do, for our own peace

7.      Stop showing off

8.     Stop seeking approval

9.      Stop comparing ourselves

10.    Let go of the ‘want’

11.     Material things do not reflect @ represent happiness


Rumi: 13th Century Persian spiritual teacher

Sunday, December 25, 2022

 Happy Birthday Luv 🤍

Thursday, November 24, 2022


Alhamdulillah, Anwar Ibrahim has finally been sworn in as the country's 10th Prime Minister.

and today officially, the reforms must begin from the inside. hopefully. inshaAllah.

 R-4-M-C !

2nd September 1998 - 24th November 2022

nkc was there @ once upon a time

Monday, October 31, 2022

Octi stories

 1st Oct

It’s Nia’s and Ida’s Birthday today. But since they both aren’t around, I send each a birthday greeting thru whatsapp je

 2nd Oct

Together with Arief n Lisa, thought of fetching Nia at school n taking them three for lunch at Kuale Kangso but Nia’s school doesn’t allow any outing nor visitors because of recent covid cases there. Sabo je la. So I leave all the stuffs I bought for her earlier: lepat pisang, tepung bungkus, kebab n a birthday cake at the guard house for her to fetch later. Hope she will like the cake.

 7th Oct

Abil receives the news that he has been accepted to pursue a degree course at USM. Alhamdulillah

 8th Oct

Right away after class, I drive down to Msu to fetch Abil since he is going to register at Usm soon. letih beb!!

It is a Friday nite. Except for Nia, everyone enjoys their dinner at Strawberry before leaving home to embark on a new journey in their lives for Abil n Arief soon, and for Lisa, she will be in her second year in days to come.

 9th Oct

We, my wife and I, + Lisa n Arief, leave for Kuantan around 10am, stopping for lunch at Batang Kali, and finally reaching our hotel some time at 4. The rooms are not so great but the location is. At nite, going out for dinner, we chance upon an alley which has beautiful painted murals on its wall. After a stroll there, we come upon a flea market @ Paso Dinda, specializing for women’s stuffs. I buy a heart shaped tattoo for my finger. And just around the corner, we have our dinner at a food court, entertained by a band of buskers. What a lovely nite it has been. Kuantan is actually a great place if you know where to find the entertainments are.

10th-11th Oct

After breakfast, and after hugs and kisses, Lisa joins her friends again at UIA Kuantan. By noon the rest of us are heading to Salak Tinggi to park our car and take the ERL to KLIA. We have a plane to catch at 950pm. Destination? Kota Kinabalu, since Arief will enroll at UMS on Tuesday. Our plan and journey for today have been smooth when we are informed that the flight is delayed to 1250 am. Adussss.. sabo je. But thing becomes worse when the flight is delayed again, not once but twice, till 215 am. But the unexpected happens when we could not check in our luggage on time and so, we miss the plane. It’s not our fault, but a matter of miscommunication. It is not only us, because there are another two families in the same boat. Nevertheless I will make a complaint to the relevant authorities after the dust has settled. Feeling a sense of panic, I book another flight, the earliest available which is at 730am. Groggily we board the plane and Alhamdulillah by 1130 am we are already at our apartment in Api Api after an early lunch. Being tired, everyone dozes off soon. Only at 3 pm we are awake. At 4 we start to buy Arief’s stuffs. Once we have found everything: pail, pillow, toiletries etc, we walk half a mile to pasar Filipina for dinner. Dinner is superb. Since my wife is craving to have lobster, squids, prawns and grilled fish, it is the best place to be. After a walk around, we go back to our apartment to call it a day.

KK sunset
pasar filipina 


12th Oct

We reach UMS at half past nine. It is not far away from KK. After Arief has registered and placed his belongings in his room, we say our goodbyes. Hope Arief will be okay there inshaAllah. My wife and I head to the airport to catch the 230pm flight back to KLIA. Everything goes well and we reach Salak Tinggi to get our car. After solat and a bite, we head home around 7pm. Since it is a working day, the roads are jammed with people heading home. Once I reach Rawang interchange, I drive faster than usual and reach our place at 945pm. It is damn fast actually because the goggle map initially stated that we would reach Lekio around 1015pm. My body is weary and I feel so sleepy that I doze off straight away after bath and dinner.

13th Oct

Today we are sending Abil to USM. We leave at 7 and stop somewhere near the campus for breakfast at 9am. After Abil has found his hostel and leave his things there, it seems he does not have a white shirt for today’s activity. Mind you, Abil registers a few days later than the other new students because I have to send Lisa and Arief first. So, he does not know what is expected at that moment. So the three of us head to Parit Buntar old town to find ghis shirt. And you know something, Parit Buntar old town is a charming place, with rustic shoplots and pre-war buildings. The shop we buy Abil’s shirt also sells other branded merchandise. Though probably they are imitation. After lunch and prayer, we wish Abil all the best and hope he can cope up with life there.  Around asar we reach home. I may be tired physically n mentally but I feel a great sense of relief. Alhamdulillah


23rd Oct

Finally after many moons, and since Bak and Mak passed away, the Khans are having a gathering at Bak’s place. Since Ida is around (she came back a couple of weeks ago) the siblings decide it would best to have a get-together @ tahli and yasin session. Except for Nazam, the rest of the siblings are around. It is wonderful to be back together again and everyone catches up on everybody. With nephews and nieces present too, though not all, it turns out to be a merry occasion. I personally feel that this is something we should do every year. inshaAllah. At 2.30 pm, my wife and I and Nia reluctantly leave for Banting to attend Yop’s children’s wedding. And as planned by maghrib we reach home sweet home.

some of the ladies in Khan's family

the Khan's family

24th Oct

It is Deepavali today. As such it’s a public holiday. I use this opportunity to drive up to usm to catch up on Abil. It seems he is finding difficulty to cope up with the subjects there and feels a lil stressed. We discuss the matter and look upon options to take or to do. He feels like quitting but at the same time he is still 50-50. I ask him to seek opinion from the students’ advisor @ counsellor. Perhaps the person could shed some light on how to lighten the burden and to find solution to ease everything. inshaAllah. Personally I feel sorry for Abil because as a parent, I want him to get the best opportunity available. Now that he is offered to do a degree at usm, he encounters problems. I am not sure how things will turn up but Allah knows best.

Coming back from usm, I stop at Tirasa’s place for Deepavali visit. Guna n wife are around too, as well as Munirah @ Devasani. Munirah is Yoges @ Eman’s daughter. Now that he is behind bars for his crime, the grandmother @ Tirasa takes care of the child. Initially the child is a muslim but as it is, I’m not sure of the current status. Hopefully when Yoges is released, he will take care of his daughter.

mY wife n Munirah

30th Oct

It is almost the end of October. Today I visit all three kebun sawit: Mandah, Pulau Juar, Sg Tiram, to fertilize the trees. Being at three separate districts, my travel and work will normally take me around seven hours to settle everything. I would usually walk 9-10 km around my kebuns. And I do this all alone coz I like to be alone, to spend time in the tranquility of nature. Mind you, my kebun is a few km from the main road so I barely hear any sound of vehicles. And I love it. I feel so at ease though the fertilizing session is tiring. Alah bisa tegal biasa. Layan jee… 

paddy fields along Seberang Perak

Since the PRU is around the corner, flags and banners of respective parties have spruced up all along the roads. While driving from Parit to Kg Gajah to Lekio, BN flags win the contest of which party has the most flags. But hopefully in the PRU, they do not. Ahakss

Next week which starts tomorrow, the form fives are having their trial. I am hoping the Teknik Menjawab sessions and Teknik belajar conducted earlier will help the students to do better than their mid-year exam.

And tomorrow too, October comes to an end.

Saturday, October 29, 2022


 Kiranya kau adalah lautan

Biarlah aku karam di dalam

Kiranya kau mentari

Ku rela terbakar dek panasnya api

Dan kiranya kau bintang bertaburan

Di langit malam

Izinkan aku terlena dalam keindahan


Sungguh kehadiran mu

Di merata dan serata

Indah tak ternyata

Merangkum segala kata

Hingga tak terkata


Dan akhirnya engkaulah pelukis

Melukis senyum di wajah ku

Tatkala menatap wajah mu




Bali Accommodation